In the book, Questions in Qualitative Social Justice Research in Multicultural Contexts, the authors, Anna CohenMiller and Nettie Boivin, ask provocative questions meant to stimulate us as qualitative researchers to strengthen options for conducting “better” research which is likely to advance inclusion and equity for communities who have been historically marginalized, colonized and/or oppressed. The book is adeptly structured so to invite us to (re)consider possible answers to their questions posed. As part of explicating the diversity of approaches to questions that can and should be asked regarding the doing of inclusive qualitative research, they include vignettes of a range of additional contributors who thoughtfully present/narrate their “reflections from the field” towards the end of each chapter. The book re-opens discussion on topics such as: owning our power (and rebalancing power relations), developing trust through building relationships, reconsidering the “insider/outsider” divide, activating transformative research, working with cross-disciplinarity in a research team, undertaking ethical online research, and credentializing different ways of “knowing,” including arts-based productions. Readers of this book should surely be inspired to consider new possibilities for practicing social justice research. The book is about social justice research and as such does not directly address ecological justice from a non-anthropocentric perspective, but some of the reflections from the field refer to caring for non-sentient beings and other “being,” thus paving a way for us to include this in our considerations when pursuing a justice agenda in the research process.


critical self-reflection, learning as a collective enterprise, transformative research, decolonizing research practices, ethics and ethics review boards, arts-based research as forwarding knowing

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Prof. Norma R. A. Romm (DLitt et Phil) is based in the Department of Adult, Continuing and Community Education at the University of South Africa. She is the author of: The Methodologies of Positivism and Marxism (Macmillan, 1991); Accountability in Social Research (Springer, 2001); New Racism (Springer, 2010); Responsible Research Practice (Springer, 2018); People’s Education in Theoretical Perspective (with V. McKay, Maskew-Miller Longman, 1992); Diversity Management (with R. Flood, Wiley, 1996); and Assessment of the Impact of HIV and AIDS in the Informal Economy of Zambia (with V. McKay, International Labor Organization, 2006). She has published over 100 research articles on social theorizing, transformative research towards social and ecological regeneration, Indigenous paradigms of knowing, and the facilitation of adult learning. She can be contacted at: norma.romm@gmail.com

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