In reviewing the fourth edition of John Creswell’s Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods Approaches (2014), the reviewers found this book to be a comprehensive guide for researchers in the field of social and academic management. They also observed that Creswell expertly explained the concepts described in this book and supported the theories with practical qualitative, quantitative, and mixed approach.


research design, qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods approach

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Monanol Survived Charli is an Ethiopian lecturer in accounting and finance at Jimma University and is known for his studies in finance. He has written more than three articles on finance. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Accounting and Finance at Jimma University. Please direct correspondence to monanol2013@gmail.com.

Shimekit Kelkay Eshete is a lecturer in the Department of Management at Jimma University. He is now pursuing his doctorate degree in Management, Jimma University, Ethiopia. He has published more than eight scientific papers. And he is an assistant professor of management. Please direct correspondence to skelkay@gmail.com.

Kenenisa Lemi Debela is an academician, researcher, and leader, who, born in 1985. He pursued BA and MBA from Jimma University and, PhD in Management studies from Punjabi University, India in 2016. He published more than 22 scientific papers. He is an associate professor of management and currently working in administrative and student affairs.

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