Professional and personal gains related to international teaching practicum (ITP) of pre-service teachers’ (PST) are evidenced in literature. However, challenges faced during ITP have the potential to function as stressors, which may inhibit PSTs’ learning and harm their emotional and psychological wellbeing, which in turn may influence their identity as future teachers and intention to continue as teachers. In the current study, we used interpretive phenomenological approach to examine 12 PSTs’ experiences of the provision of support system during international teaching practicum (ITP). We collected data for this study using in-depth phenomenological interviews and reflective journals. The positive experiences and functions include emotional and physiological well-being, source of motivation and morale, provider of professional knowledge and skills, and purveyor of instrumental support.


international teaching practicum, mentoring, teacher support, pre-service teachers, phenomenology

Author Bio(s)

Amrita Kaur is an assistant professor at the Wenzhou-Kean University, China, specializing in educational psychology. Please direct correspondence to akaur@kean.edu.

Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan is a professor at the School of Educational Studies, USM specializing in the field of English language teacher education. Please direct correspondence to kabilan@usm.my.

Hairul Nizam Ismail is a professor of Educational Psychology at the School of Educational Studies, USM. Please direct correspondence to hairul@usm.my.

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