Although there have been a number of recent developments in criminal justice research on the topic of structural inequality sentencing, much work is needed to explore the judicial perspective. Researchers use this paper illustrates how a recent study used qualitative semi-structure interviews to study current judicial perspectives on sentencing of minor drug offenders in Indonesia. This paper reports a recent study of judicial perspectives when sentencing minor drug offenders in Indonesia. Firstly, it reviews existing sentencing option and recent development that motivated me to explore the issues of justice among Indonesian Judges. Secondly, it reports the procedures and method used in the recent study. Thirdly, it reports the appropriateness of the methodology chosen, and how it may influence the finding of the study. Finally, it reports the judicial perception on structural inequality.


qualitative study, background, methodology, structural inequality

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Cecep Mustafa is a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Stirling, United Kingdom. The working title of his Doctoral Research is The Judicial Perspectives on the Sentencing of Minor Drug Offenders in Indonesia. He is interested in decision-making and sentencing of drug users. Please direct correspondence to cecepmustafa97@gmail.com.


I thank Dr Margaret Malloch and Dr Niall Hamilton Smith for their valuable comments on earlier versions of this article. This research was funded by a grant of the Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP).

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