The paper presents short summaries and analyses of two books by Eviatar Zerubavel (2018a; 2020) that are demonstrations of his approach to cognitive sociology. The first book (2018a) shows examples of the analysis in Zerubavelian cognitive sociology, and the second one is a methodological and theoretical elaboration of his approach described in formal terms. We analyze the approach presented at the end of the paper, showing that the analysis of distinctions and perceptive categories is essential in Zerubavel analysis. Still, there is an unclear dimension (in between) included in the contexts of perception, lived experiences, and perception of the world beyond the categories that we introduce in our analysis.


Zerubavelian cognitive sociology, semiotics, grounded theory

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Krzysztof T. Konecki, Ph.D., is Chief of the Department of Sociology of Organization and Management at the University of Lodz (Poland), Editor-in-chief of Qualitative Sociology Review, and President of Polish Sociological Association. He is also a member of the Board of European Society for Study of Symbolic Interaction. He has published extensively on qualitative methods and grounded theory methodology and has done the study on symbolic interactions. His research interests include the sociology of organization and management, human and non-human animal interactions, qualitative methodology of social research, visual grounded theory, contemplative inquiry, hatha-yoga and contemporary forms of spirituality. Please direct correspondence to krzysztof.konecki@gmail.com.

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