The current article shows the development of a research process whose main objective was to explain the influence of the social representations of the inhabitants of Bogotá, Colombia in the implementation of the public policy of conditional cash transfers “Más Familias en Acción.” For this aim, a qualitative study of hermeneutic design was conducted with beneficiaries of the program and non-beneficiaries, in which, through the application of semi-structured interviews, the most frequent social representations about subsidies, policies, work, education, health, among other relevant issues related to this public policy were identified and once the information was coded by using the Atlas.ti software, interpretation of results was done making possible to establish a relationship between the social representations found and the implementation of “Más Familias en Acción,” leading to the understanding of how social representations as sets of ideas, values and practices that become a social code that denominates the individual and collective reality, have influence both in the way in which the beneficiaries of the program conceive their social reality, and in the sense they give to the program, as well as in their articulation and interaction with it, enabling its implementation, which may or may not occur according to the objectives of public policy.


“Más Familias en Acción, ” social representations, public policy, hermeneutics

Author Bio(s)

Juan Sebastián Hernández Monsalve, MSc, has worked as a healthcare professional and researcher of health and social topics. He has participated as speaker in the Latin American Biennial of Children and Youth in Manizalez- Colombia and in the International Congress of Americanists in Salamanca, Spain. Please direct correspondence to sebashmonsalve@gmail.com.

Wilson Giovanni Jiménez, PhD, has been a longtime researcher and professor with wide experience in the academia that involves over 15 years of teaching and more than 40 papers published in Colombia (his home country) and abroad, in index journals that are ranged from topics such as health and life quality to social research. He had also participated several times in academic congresses both national and international as speaker and he has directed several thesis for students of undergraduate, masters and PhD programs. Now a full-time college faculty member in Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano where he teaches, researches, directs thesis works and evaluates degree thesis, all of the above within Health and Administration related programs. Please direct correspondence to wilsong.jimenezb@utadeo.edu.co.

Johanna Sareth Acuña Gomez, PhD, has been a long-term researcher and professor with an extended background on teaching and investigation mostly related to health and social studies. She has been involved within the national and international scene with numerous papers published in index journals and she has participated in congresses lectures. Now full-time director of academic audit office for Sergio Arboleda University. Please direct correspondence to jsareth77@yahoo.com.

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