A literature crosswalk is a valuable tool for researchers, whether novice or seasoned scholars, that can be used in organizing and synthesizing existing literature. This article provides practical advice for creating a literature crosswalk and how to use the tool to develop a literature review. Benefits of using a literature crosswalk include organizing a great deal of information in an easily searchable format, developing deeper understanding of the literature, and finding trends across multiple research studies in regard to methodology, theories used, types of participants, settings, and so forth.


Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Literature Review, Crosswalk, Research Skills

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Shirley M. Matteson is an Associate Professor of Middle Level Education at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Dr. Matteson’s research interests include pre-service teacher pedagogical and content knowledge development and improving in-service teachers’ skills in the teaching of thinking structures. Dr. Matteson also has a passion for developing graduate students’ research skills and has frequently collaborated on research projects with master’s and doctoral students. Correspondence can be addressed directly to: shirley.matteson@ttu.edu.

Sheri L. Warren is a recent doctoral graduate of Texas Tech University. She is an adjunct instructor at Wayland Baptist University as well as a teacher at a public elementary school. Dr. Warren's research interests include rural education, teacher morale and satisfaction, and special education issues. Correspondence can also be addressed directly to: kwarren804@gmail.com.

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