In this review, I examine the contents, themes, and possibilities of Patricia Leavy’s Research Design: Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed Methods, Arts-Based, and Community-Based Participatory Approaches. Specifically, I outline the (1) contents of the book in relation to its development of research methodology and potential for use in research methods classes, and (2) the usefulness of this text for bettering and diversifying pedagogical approaches to social research methods. Further, I discuss limitations in the work in terms of possibilities for future additions or expansions teachers may add to the use of this book in courses. In conclusion, I offer overall thoughts on the work and its place within courses concerning the process of social research methodology.


Book Review, Research Methods, Social Research, Methodological Tools, Pedagogy

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Alexandra “Xan” C. H. Nowakowski, PhD, MPH is a medical sociologist and public health program evaluator. They currently serve as an Assistant Professor in the Geriatrics and Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine departments at the Florida State University College of Medicine. Their scholarship and outreach focus on health equity in aging with chronic disease, as well as social factors that contribute to the development of complex chronicity. Dr. Nowakowski’s work critically engages their standpoints as an openly queer and agender person living with cystic fibrosis and post-traumatic stress disorder. This history also inspired them to found the advocacy project Write Where It Hurts, focused on scholarship informed by lived experience of hardship and trauma, along with their spouse Dr. J Sumerau. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: xnowakowski@fsu.edu.

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