The formulation of the national idea for such a multinational country as Russia is a big issue. Its solution is not monopolized by the ideological institutions; art and popular mentality also contributes to the working out of the meaning for the unifying national idea. The author reconstructs those dominant meanings of the national idea (in art and popular consciousness) by the means of visual and textual analysis. The visual object for this reconstruction was realized by the sculpture that embodied the national idea of Russia at the International Art exhibition. The corpus of texts for the Russian contest that reflected the people’s ideas about the national idea was used in narrative analysis.


Transmedial Storytelling, Visual and Textual Analysis, National Idea, Art

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Elena Rozhdestvenskaya is a Doctor in Sociology, Professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. Her research interests focus on the biographical Method in Sociology, Gender Issues, Family Studies. Author of papers, books, articles and journal editor (Interaction. Interview. Interpretation in Russian), she coordinated projects in Women Oral History and teaches the biographical method in Sociology. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: erozhdestvenskaya@hse.ru.


The research was supported by RSF (project No. 14-28-00217).

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