Qualitative research is a rich and diverse discipline, yet novice qualitative researchers may struggle in discerning how to approach their qualitative data analysis among the plethora of possibilities. This paper presents a foundational model that facilitates a comprehensive yet manageable approach to qualitative data analysis, and it can be applied within an array of qualitative methodologies. Based on an exhaustive review of expert qualitative methodologists, along with our own experience of teaching qualitative research, this model synthesises commonly-used analytic strategies and methods that are likewise applicable to novice qualitative researchers. This foundational model consists of four iterative cycles: The Inspection Cycle, Coding Cycle, Categorisation Cycle, and Modelling Cycle, and memo-writing is inherent to the entire analysis process. Our goal is to offer a solid foundation from which novice qualitative researchers may begin familiarising themselves with the craft of qualitative research and continue discovering methods for making sense of qualitative data.


Qualitative Data Analysis, Method, Teaching, Novice Qualitative Researchers

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Neringa Kalpokaite is a professor of qualitative research and leadership at IE University (Madrid, Spain), with previous appointments as a visiting researcher at Harvard University and Madrid Complutense University where she completed her PhD. Apart from academia, she is also the Manager for Europe of ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH, CEO of NkQualitas, President and Founder of the International Institute for Charismatic Leadership, and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research. She has repeatedly received awards for excellent teaching in organizational behavior, qualitative research, and leadership. She has also received several research grants from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Government of Lithuania and Harvard University. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: neringa.kalpokaite@ie.edu.

Ivana Radivojevic is a collaborator with the Behavior and Social Sciences department at IE University (Madrid, Spain), Vice-President of the International Institute for Charismatic Leadership, and the Project Coordinator of ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH. In collaboration with NkQualitas, she teaches about qualitative research and the use of qualitative data analysis software, and she also conducts qualitative research on multicultural individuals. Correspondence regarding this article can also be addressed directly to: ivana@nkqualitas.com.

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