I want to start with talking a little about resonances.

To resonate means to meet. To vibrate with something in some way. Jonathan’s book is full of resonances. It is crafted of them. Resonances between disciplines; therapy, stand-up, writing. Resonances between characters in these worlds. Resonances between knowing, ethics, and the real. Resonances between affective states of personing– which isn’t quite the same as being human. And resonances between the author and the reader; Jonathan’s stories touch us with their humour, their caring for the process of inquiry, and their openness. He confesses things that I’m sure we can all relate to. Anyone who has stood on a stage will, for instance, – and spoiler alert – resonate when Jonathan dies.


Creative-Relational Inquiry, Theory, Writing As Inquiry, Animism

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Dr David A.G. Clarke is a Teaching Fellow in Outdoor Learning and Sustainability Education at The Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh, UK. His research interests focus broadly on the blurring of environmental education research practice, philosophical theory, and life experiences. More specifically he is interested in the philosophy of affect in relation to environmental degradation and climate change; immanent ethics and immanent ontology in all areas of education; and creative practices of inquiry for affective encounters, including writing, photography, songwriting, and filmmaking. He also teaches hillwalking and paddlesport, which he enjoys. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: dave.a.g.clarke@gmail.com.

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