This paper illustrates how the Analytic Guiding Frame (AGF) and the Overall Guiding Frame (OGF) are applied when analytic shifts occur in qualitative data analysis. Analytic shifts mainly occur when a proposed analytical method is found to be not fully amenable for analysis because of the contextually-bound nature of qualitative data. In this paper, the illustration located in the field of literacy education revolves around how a methodological and analytical problem was confronted during the fieldwork/analysis stage of research and how analytic negotiations were made with the help of the AGF/OGF framework. From here, it is proposed that much more consideration on matters of epistemology, methodology, research objective and research questions in qualitative research must be made when the iterative process of qualitative data analysis takes place.


Analytic Guiding Frame (AGF), Overall Guiding Frame (OGF), Critical Flexibility, Adaptations in Qualitative Research, Literacy Education

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Born and raised in Malaysia, Su Li Chong read for her MPhil and PhD in Education in University of Cambridge, England. Whilst in Cambridge, she received St. Edmund’s College Dean’s Award for supererogation work. she has spent the last two decades teaching, researching and publishing on issues related to language and literacy education. She believes that the experience of reading through many languages deserves particular attention for the ways in which multilingual readers make sense of the written word and world. Currently, she is a Senior Lecturer in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia where she teaches and supervises postgraduate students on the use of qualitative research methodology in social research. She is a member of United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) and Qualitative Research Association Malaysia (QRAM). Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: chong_suli@utp.edu.my.


I am grateful to Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS for their on-going financial support which made this study possible. I am also grateful to Ministry of Education, Malaysia for the current Fundamental Reserach Grant Scheme support that will allow future research projects to be carried out via the qualitative perspective.

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