Instructors involved in teacher education believe that the language and skills required for qualitative research methods (QRM) provide teachers with the expertise needed for lifelong learning. In this research, I explore the learning experiences of pre-service teachers in a QRM course and examine the role of the lecturer in designing these experiences. I chose the design research method (Kali, Levin-Peled, & Dori, 2009; Wang & Hannafin, 2005) and collected data from 71 students over three academic years. Data analysis uncovered three types of student experiences: motivation for learning, mediation of learning, and meaningful learning – all of which are supported by the lecturer.


Teaching Qualitative Research, Qualitative Research Pedagogy, Learning Processes, Teacher Training, Lecturer's Role

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Liora Nutov is a senior lecturer in Gordon Academic College of Education, Hiafa, Isarel. She received her Ph.D. degree in the Faculty of Education in Science and Technology, at the Technion, Haifa, Israel. Her research interests include educational administration, researchers’ emotions, teaching and learning of qualitative research methods, and mathematical education. She wrote a book, Educator LTD (2006), and co-edited a book, Teaching Qualitative Research Methods (2013), both in Hebrew. She published articles in referred journals and conference proceedings and has supervised 10 Master’s students. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: lioranutov@gmail.com.


I would like to thank Prof. Eliezer Yariv for his helpful remarks.

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