This book is a guide to ways of conducting and writing qualitative research projects through complex teams and lone research undertakings. The text is grounded in Davidson’s experience as a qualitative researcher and writer, as well as her experience working with complex research teams. With an emphasis on the value of writing in qualitative research, Davidson describes issues of research design, methodological writing, documenting research findings, and implications regarding complex research teams. The book is written in a motivating orientation using a mixture of both a formal and conversational tone. Davidson triangulates this narrative text and builds reliability through personal experiences as a qualitative researcher on complex, small, and lone projects; working with her own students’ qualitative projects; real life field stories as examples; detailed append ices to support her content; and references from her own publications. This book is appropriate for anyone engaged with qualitative inquiry with a beginner researcher considered as well.


Qualitative Research, Complex Research Teams, Qualitative Research Design, Digitalization in Qualitative Research

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Julius Kyakuwa is a doctoral candidate in Music Education at Louisiana State University. Julius’ research interests include culturally responsive pedagogies, multicultural music education, music teacher professional development, creative teaching of music and arts integration, qualitative and mixed methodologies. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed to Julius Kyakuwa at E-mail: jkyaku1@lsu.edu

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