The dropout phenomenon involving Black Virgin Islands male high school students residing in the United States Virgin Islands has become a major area of concern for parents, educators, policy makers, and other community stakeholders. However, little is known about the direct or indirect factors that lead many Black Virgin Islands male students to drop out of high school. For the actual study, the researcher used a qualitative phenomenological approach to examine the experiences of seven Black Virgin Islands males who dropped out of high school. The study results revealed seven important themes (a) grade retention, (b) disengagement with school officials, (c) adequate intake, (d) stress, (e) socioeconomics, (f) parental disengagement, and (g) low effort. These findings have important implications for parents and school officials, with respect to designing and implementing effective intervention strategies that will aid in Black Virgin Islands male students remaining in and graduating from high school.


Phenomenology, High School Dropouts, Black Virgin Islands Males, Qualitative, United States Virgin Islands

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Dr. Edward L. Browne is an elementary school counselor with the Virgin Islands Department of Education. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: brow8039@hotmail.com.


I wish to acknowledge Dr. Laura Cunningham and Dr. Barry Mascari. I am especially grateful to the participants for their contributions to and support of this research.

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