In this book review, I explicate the importance of reflexive methodology in any qualitative studies. Bearing the standards, process and expected outcomes in applying the levels and principles in your study. I was able to grasp the significant methods of doing this whatever the philosophical underpinnings in once qualitative journey. The authors introduced four elements in reflexive research in details: systematic and techniques in research procedures; clarification of the primacy of interpretation; awareness of the political- ideological character of research; reflection in relation to the problem of representation and authority. In so doing this method will surely lead us on how and to what extent becomes successful in applying the process of reflective reasoning and interpretation. This book implies on how it will address the methodological issues on reflexive methods in qualitative studies. The critical reflection as needed that we may learn from this is a very important aspect particularly among in the undergraduate and graduate level engaged in qualitative studies.


Reflexive Research, Qualitative Method, Reflexivity, Research Procedures

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Jude L. Tayaben, PhD, RN is currently teaching research methods, nursing informatics and adolescent health in the undergraduate of the College of Nursing, Benguet State University, Philippines. His research interests are nursing instruction, informatics, adolescent health, disaster and climate change, including qualitative methodological issues. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: jude.tayaben@yahoo.com.

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