School administrators’ “frequent turnover” has been discussed intensively in the Turkish Educational System recently. Currently, principals are selected for 4 years after an interview conducted by a committee of directors of national education. After that period, they either go back to their classes or are chosen for another 4 years for the last time. This frequent turnover can be disruptive for schools. This study was conducted to determine school principals’ views on administration work and this frequent turnover. The study employed a qualitative research design. The participants were 20 principals chosen with maximum sampling method. The data were analyzed with content analysis method. Results revealed that most principals consider administration work as a professional and career profession which requires expertise, leadership qualities and education in educational administration. They also evaluate the selection system as problematic and limiting their work period with 4 years prevents them from realizing long-term projects. Finally, they think that the system works with political considerations clearly.


School, Administration, Principals, Work, Quality, Qualitative Research, Content Analysis

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Dr. Aydın Balyer is an associate professor in the field of Educational Administration at the Department of Educational Sciences at Yıldız Technical University. His research interest focuses on school leaders, principals, their professional development and working conditions. He also studies on educational policies in which school administration is researched in detail. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: balyer2001@gmail.com or balyer@yildiz.edu.tr.

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