This article focuses on three professors from Midwestern University and how their intentions to encourage women to see themselves as leaders play out in their respective classrooms. Through educational connoisseurship and criticism we describe and interpret the ecological impacts of professor intentions in promoting women as leaders. To this end, we find the professors realize these intentions by the way in which they care for their students. In caring for their students, the professors take an “always loved by never entitled” approach, where they balance building a sense of support and confidence among their students with an understanding that leaders are forged through dedication and a willingness to speak up. It is recommended for professors and high education institutions to consider how implicit curricula could help in developing leadership qualities in women and other historically underrepresented populations.


Women in Leadership, Implicit Curriculum, School Ecology

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After 10 years as a teacher in K-12 education in rural Colorado, Dan Conn is now in his third year at Minot State University in the Teacher Education Program. When Dan is not teaching, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Linda, two children, Virginia and Miles, and their six pets. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: daniel.conn@minotstateu.edu.

Roslyn Billy has taught a variety of ages and subjects all around the world. Her educational background consists of a BA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Philosophy and Religion, MA.Ed in TESOL, and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. Roslyn recently accepted an assistant professor position at Grand View University. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: drrozbilly@gmail.com.

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