There is no doubt that the need for qualitative research has increased and has been felt all around the world. Once feared, detested, or even not much valued by some, qualitative research has now become the rare bird many people are trying to catch. Unfortunately, as more and more people and institutions try to embrace qualitative research, maybe more damage is being done in the process because of the lack of solid understanding of qualitative research. To pave a strong way to excellence in qualitative research conduct and dissemination, it is important to have an idea of the current state of qualitative research. This paper is based on content analysis of the input from 197 higher education professors, administrators, researchers, graduate and doctoral students from 40 higher education institutions in the Philippines. It is based on 10 most commonly asked questions about qualitative research. These questions are grouped into three major themes: the fundamentals, the methodology, and the trustworthiness of qualitative research. Understanding these commonly asked questions can help us pave better the way to quality capability training in qualitative research.


Qualitative Research, Content Analysis, Trustworthiness

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Safary Wa-Mbaleka is the founding and current president of the Asian Qualitative Research Association. He teaches and provides many trainings on qualitative research, mostly at higher education institutions and at research organization events. Please direct correspondence to Wa-MblakeaS@aiias.edu.

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