This paper explores the way in which educational researchers created a member checking process with adolescent students during a study to uncover and understand female and male’s dynamic mathematics identity in single-sex and coeducational mathematics classes within a public coeducational middle school in the United States. The authors developed a member checking process that included I-poems and Word Trees, which provided the youth with opportunities for self-reflection, enhancement of findings, examination of the students’ learning, and as a way to shift some of the power from the researcher to the participants. This paper serves as an example for other researchers to begin thinking about the important process of member checking and participants’ roles in the research.


Adolescents, I-Poems, Listening Guide, Member Checking, Word Trees

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Dr. Amber Simpson is a Visiting Research Associate at Indiana University. Her interests include understanding individual’s STEM identity, specifically female’s identification or dis-identification in STEM-related degrees and careers, and how one’s STEM identity may transform due to different formal and informal learning experiences such as single-sex education settings or after-school programs. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: Amber Simpson at, Indiana University, School of Education, 201 N. Rose St., Room 3240, Bloomington, IN 47405. Email: ambmsimp@iu.edu.

Dr. Cassie Quigley is an Assistant Professor of Science Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Her research focuses on broadening the conceptions of and participation in science—and this includes the methodological approaches to her studies. Typically, she uses participatory, community-based methods during her work. She works with current teachers on expanding their current pedagogical practices to include equitable science methods. Correspondence regarding this article can also be addressed directly to: Cassie F. Quigley at, School of Education, Teaching and Learning, Clemson University, 418 C Old Main, Clemson, SC 29634. Email: cassieq@clemson.edu.


We would like to thank other members of the dissertation committee, Dr. S. Megan Che, Dr. Nicole Bannister, Dr. Diane Perpich, and Dr. William Bridges.

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