The processes associated with implementing a phenomenological study in the Husserlian interpretation can seem daunting to the new researcher. This is especially true if the researcher intends to implement Husserl’s concepts with intentionality and reflexivity. A leading cause of difficulty lies in the tendency for Husserl to change how he described key elements of his phenomenology, particularly the epoché and the associated reductions. Although many very good manuals exist within which a new researcher will find a host of prescriptions for the execution of a phenomenological study, an essential difficulty exists for those who want a deeper understanding of the intentions of phenomenology, not only as a research method, but as a personal orientation for the scholar-practitioner. The intention of this paper is to provide perspectives useful to the new researcher beginning the process of developing a personal orientation to Edmund Husserl’s phenomenology.


Epoché, Husserl, Phenomenology, Reductions

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Jonathan L. Butler, Ed.S., is a doctoral candidate at Liberty University with a primary research interest in identity and the influence of symbolic interaction on identity processes, particularly as it relates to issues of retention and attrition. Mr. Butler has a 25 year career in higher education administration, and is committed to the educative process, to access to education for marginalized populations, and to social justice. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: jbutler9@liberty.edu.

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