This study employed ethnographical and phenomenological methods to explore the lived experiences and career of a Hong Kong secondary school physical education (PE) teacher (Wharton) in order to embody his versatile roles through phenomenological description of a lived body itself and the lived world. The central research question is “How does a male secondary school PE teacher manage his work life and the embodiment of his professional roles?” Data collection techniques were in-depth interviewing, participant observation and field notes, participant’s reflection documentation and visual elicitation. Concepts of “play to learn,” “professional development” and “political empowerment” were used to examine Wharton’s lived experiences and career. Themes such as Static Gestalt, Dynamic Gestalt, Style Gestalt and Reversibility Gestalt were identified. This study may inform literature on sociological perspectives and the life histories of PE teachers and applicable to other teachers as they adapt to environmental changes in other settings.


Lived Experiences, Physical Education Teacher, Hong Kong, Ethnography, Phenomenology

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Raymond Kim Wai Sum is an Assistant Professor in Department of Sports Science and Physical Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research interests focus on professionalization of PE teachers and their learning communities, and elite athletes' careers and their lives. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: Raymond Kim Wai Sum at, kwsum@cuhk.edu.hk.

Teng-Yao Shi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Education of the National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan. His research interests focus on sport pedagogy.

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