The following paper attempts to find an approach to research that will best suit women who have recovered from addictions and trauma and consider themselves resilient. This approach will need to combine contemporary feminist theory, somatic theory, and alternative forms of representation/interpretation. The paper will begin by exploring the connection between postmodern feminist theory and somatic theory and what they both have to say about how we embody social conditions of gender through non-verbal interactions. Research will then be examined that captures the non-verbal aspects of being in the world and how this intersects with the postmodern turn. Finally, in combining postmodernism, embodiment, and alternative forms of representation, cutting edge research will be explored that takes embodiment to the next level: social action.


Postmodern Feminism, Somatic Theory, Body Psychotherapy, Non-Verbal Data, Women, Social Action

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Sharon N. Stopforth is in her second year of the doctoral program in Social Work at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Sharon is a practicing counselor and has been specializing in the areas of abuse, trauma, addiction, depression, and anxiety for the past 15 years. Sharon is a Certified Integrative Body Psychotherapy practitioner and hopes to further research in the field of body psychotherapy and is interested in exploring the connection of the body and social justice. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: Sharon Stopforth at, 8 Deercrest Way S.E., Calgary, Alberta, T2J 5W2 or phone: 403-259- 3427.

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