This article illustrates a reflective exercise undertaken by a novice researcher who committed numerous “interview don’ts” during her first attempt at qualitative interviewing as part of a study. These mistakes occurred despite her attempts to learn qualitative interviewing best practices and develop her craft of interviewing beforehand. To identify and explore these mistakes, unstructured interviews were reflexively analyzed for emerging themes. The analysis found that communicative barriers were constructed between the novice researcher and her participants as a result of her (1) losing track, (2) steering and (3) lack of clarity. These barriers thwarted the researcher’s efforts to capture her participants’ voice because they were drowned out by her own. To minimize and overcome the inevitable mistakes novice researchers will make, this article recommends they are deliberately reflexive in order to further develop their qualitative interviewing skills.


Qualitative Interviewing, Researcher Reflection, Novice Researcher

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Eleni Gesch-Karamanlidis is a 3rd year organizational communication PhD student at Texas A&M University. Her research examines communication dynamics of interorganizational relationships pertaining to complex environmental issues. Correspondence regarding this teaching and learning article can be addressed directly to: Eleni GeschKaramanlidis at, Department of Communication, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843; Email: geschwho007@tamu.edu

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