Social justice is about hope and transforming society where resources, rights, and power are equitable without signs of oppression. Qualitative researchers escape the boundaries of the positivism and develop understanding in context. When a researcher combines a qualitative methodological approach with a social justice paradigm, he or she brings a sense of hope for a more just society. The book Fostering Social Justice Through Qualitative Inquiry: A Methodological Guide by Corey Johnson and Diana Parry provides readers and researchers the theory and practice to make a positive, transformational difference in our world.


Qualitative Methodology, Theoretical Perspectives, Social Justice Paradigm, Ethnographic Research, Critical Pedagogy

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Dr. Richard H. Rogers is the Director of Personnel for the Houston County School System in Perry, Georgia. In addition, he is a part-time professor with Columbus State University teaching doctoral level curriculum courses. Dr. Rogers earned his doctorate degree in K-12 Executive Leadership from Valdosta State University. His educational interests include leadership, human resources, curriculum theory, and qualitative research. Dr. Rogers presents to future teachers across the State of Georgia in hopes of instilling a passion for education. In addition, he serves on committees with Middle Georgia State University. Correspondence regarding this book review can be addressed directly to Dr. Rogers via e-mail at rickyalicia@comsouth.net or on twitter at @drrhrogers.

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