In this paper we present a model of qualitative data analysis developed through an example from an empirical study that focused on analyzing the causes of why people obey or disobey traffic rules. Specifically, we focus on the study of the arguments that people use to justify their behaviors regarding such rules. The study was developed from in-depth interviews with men and women between the ages of 18 and60, who drive cars or motorcycles. The model is organized into three stages that are applied to the empirical study. In the first stage we form the research question and objectives. In the second stage argumentative statements are studied for later access to the systems of beliefs that support those statements and to the mental models which form the basis of the systems of beliefs. Finally, we build typologies of individuals based on how arguments, systems of beliefs, and mental models are combined in such individuals.


Qualitative Data Analysis, Discourse Analysis, Argumentation, Typologies, Mental Models, Traffic Rules

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