This paper addresses the relevant of institution of family that had come under considerable strain with the changing present scenario. The aim of this paper is to help middle class family to resolve frequent conflicts that threaten interpersonal relationship and to explore best alternative possible solutions. Employing phenomenological approach, psycho social factors of immediate social environment was assessed using semi structured qualitative interview, telephonic conversations, and observations during therapy sessions over a period of seven months. Depression of the patient and family functions were assessed using Zung self-rating scale and McMaster family assessment device respectively. Results showed that family therapy had been effective to resolve psycho social problems and enhance psycho social functioning among family members. Family stated satisfactions in relationship, healthy communication pattern, decision making and affective involvement to each other. An ultimate result shows an egalitarian environment in the house which strengthens family relationship and reduced conflicts.


Family Therapy, Psycho SocialFactors, Immediate Social Environment, Sculpting, Behavior Exchange, Qualitative Research.


I am grateful to my teacher Dr. Manisha Kiran, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatric Social Work, RINPAS and Dr. Masroor Jahan, Additional Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, Ranchi Institute of Neuro Psychiatry & Allied Sciences (RINPAS), Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, for their compassionate guidance, support and encouragement. I also thanks to participants who actively co-operated during family therapy sessions.

There is no potential conflict of interest with to the research and authorship. We did not receive any financial support for the research.

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