This study the author aims to explore the perceptions of doulas on single mothers’ risk and protective factors, and aspirations relative to child - birth in the postpartum care. The current study was conducted by semi - structured questions, case file reviews, field notes, and twelve home visits via utilizing Grounded Theory. These mothers receive social services through a family services agency in Pittsburg h, PA. There were three doulas and three single mothers in the sample group. Findings displayed four themes: (a ) doula program is helpful for single mothers relative to child - birth, ( b ) social exclusion is a risk factor in single mothers lives relative to leading to single motherhood; (c ) support system is a protective factor in single mothers ’ lives relative to child - birth; and (d ) pursuing education and applying for jobs are the aspirations of single mothers relative to child - birth


Doulas, Single Mothers, Pregnancy, Grounded Theory

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