Qualitative studies require a queer perspective to challenge stagnant forms of scientific discourse. This paper argues for a deconstruction of hegemonic qualitative practices in order to appreciate and listen to queer and trans subjects when employing qualitative research and methodologies. I focus on qualitative methods from an audiovisual perspective to suggest that there is scientific constraint in the way researchers still approach qualitative methodologies. I propose some foundations for thinking about queer qualitative methods that employs queer theory in relation to a self - reflexive creative perspective towards ethics, research and representation. Moreover, I critically analyze the HBO trans documentary, Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She (Antony Thomas 2005), in order to move beyond complacent documentaries that employ interviews as a way of categorizing and containing gender diversity. I work towards future methodological promises for the exploration of queer and trans subjects. Further, this paper challenges the problems of imposing binary - based categories that not only obscure thorough understandings of gender but also perpetuate social injustice.


qualitative research

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