Based on a study rooted in van Manen’s hermeneutic phenomenology, conducted with agents working in international facing call centers in Mumbai and Bangalore, India, this paper describes targets’ identity work in the context of workplace bullying. Data were gathered through conversational interviews and were subject to sententious and selective thematic analyses. The core theme of “clarifying my world” captures participants’ attempt to reconstruct their identity following the emergence of identity disruptions stemming from the experience of being bullied. Major themes which include building personal security and insulation, recreating equilibrium, maintaining dignity and poise, re-establishing ontological foundations and seeking continuity in one’s evolution, represent the goals of identity work which address specific dimensions of identity disruptions. The findings highlight the long-term effects of workplace bullying on targets and targets’ attempts to restore their well - being.


Workplace Bullying, Targets, Identity Work, Phenomenology, India

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