Hemiplegia, or paralysis of one side of the body, is caused by injury or illness (for example, a stroke), and leads to other disabilities. People with hemiplegia are limited physically in their daily activities. This limitation affects their social well-being and thus can lead to depression. This paper provides a comprehensive literature review on hemiplegia in men. A single case study of a man with hemiplegia living in Hong Kong is also presented here. A critical discussion of the signs and symptoms of “male-type” depression and humanising attitudes towards men with hemiplegia follows. Critical areas in rehabilitation, social support, and developing partnerships are also highlighted. This paper intends to facilitate better understanding by health and social care providers of the needs of men with hemiplegia. Implications for clinical practice and research are likewise addressed. Further studies using multiple case studies are recommended to ensure a comprehensive understanding of hemiplegia in men.


Hemiplegia, Case study, Men’s Health, Paralysis

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