The mechanisms of language operate as the vehicles for motivation, thinking and deciding. Language is a replica, a model, a representational map of reality. In the same way that a flawed roadmap will misrepresent reality and mislead a traveler, a flawed linguistic rationale will mislead a decision maker in any situation. In high-stakes situations that occur in globalized organizations, such as the current economic meltdown, the importance and consequences of flawed linguistic rationales are obvious. Simple suggestions for self examination of linguistic rationales are offered.


Motivation, Motivational Profiling, Decision Making, Linguistics


Many thanks to Christophe Geerkens of Brussels, Belgium, for contributing by sharing his valuable experience with executive decision making.
*ACFEi: American College of Forensic Examiners, International
DABLEE: Diplomate American Board of Law Enforcement Experts
DABPS: Diplomate American Board of Psychological Specialists

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