This project began at the intersection of several conversations: Recently Jay Prosser (2005) wrote a palinode of his analysis of Del Lagrace's photograph of the genitals of a female -to-male transsexual. Recanting his original reading of the photograph as a referent directly linked to "male," Prosser re-read the photograph, suggesting "the referent [is] unsuturable with the signifier," in other words concluding that transsexuality...is...irreconcilable...within gender representation" (p. 176). This idea of a palinode caught my attention. How could I re-read my data to realize what was lost in the original, to find that which exceeded the bounds of signification so I might further glimpse the real (Prosser, 2005)? Concurrently, I was reading Pink's (2004) call to use hypertext as a means to critically reflect on the way arguments are constructed, and MacDougall's (2006) discussion on how the mode of representation influences meaning. Swimming with these thoughts, I began to use writing in and through Storyspace, a self-publishing hypertext program, as a method of inquiry (Richardson & St. Pierre, 2005) to write this palinode.


Narrative Inquiry, Transsexual, Hypertext, Poststructural Methods, and Data Analysis

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