Early approach to research in industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology was oriented towards quantitative techniques as a result of influences from the social sciences. As the focus of I/O psychology expands from psychological test development to other personnel functions, there has been an inclusion of qualitative methods in I/O psychology practice. The present paper therefore examines how qualitative methods like observation, interviews, ethnography, focus group discussion, nominal group technique, Delphi method, and projective techniques can be used by I/O psychologists in organizational studies. It is believed that knowledge gained on the application s of these qualitative methods would enhance understanding of workers’ behaviors in organizations and facilitate management decisions. Empirical studies are also presented, on how these qualitative methods have successfully been used in organization


Indus trial/Organizational Psychology, Observation, Interview, Focus Group Discussion, Nominal Group Technique, Delphi Method, and Projective Techniques

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