TQR Reopening January 1st, 2021

As some of you are aware, we have had submissions closed since March of this year to work through the backlog of papers that have accumulated in the system. With the growth of the journal over the last few years, it has been a challenge to keep up with demand. So, during this time, we have worked to create a new process on our back end for reviewing and publishing papers.

To create a more efficient and thorough process and to add production help to the journal, we are taking the steps of adding an article process charge (APC) or as some call a “production fee”. This fee will enable the journal to move forward with the support it provides for its authors. Authors will only pay this fee once there paper is accepted and sent to production. The TQR article process charge is $500 and is only paid once per paper submission. Discounts are provided for papers whose corresponding authors are based in HINARI countries (the world's lowest income countries as defined by the World Bank). Discounts are also provided to members of the Editorial Board.

Soft Opening

We are planning on going live with this re-opening on January 1st 2021, but we wanted to start with a soft opening. If this is something you are interested in, please email us at TQR@nova.edu and we will send you a special link to submit.

The Qualitative Report (ISSN 1052-0147) is a peer-reviewed, on-line monthly journal devoted to writing and discussion of and about qualitative, critical, action, and collaborative inquiry and research. The Qualitative Report, the oldest multidisciplinary qualitative research journal in the world, serves as a forum and sounding board for researchers, scholars, practitioners, and other reflective-minded individuals who are passionate about ideas, methods, and analyses permeating qualitative, action, collaborative, and critical study. These pages are open to a variety of forms: original, scholarly activity such as qualitative research studies, critical commentaries, editorials, or debates concerning pertinent issues and topics; news of networking and research possibilities; and other sorts of journalistic and literary shapes which may interest and pique readers.

Current Issue: Volume 25, Number 11 (2020) Volume 25, Number 11 - November, 2020



Experiences of College Sophomores' Utilization of Counseling Services at a Faith Based University
Laurel Shaler, Lori Goss-Reaves, Jeffrey Boatner, Steve Johnson, and Katherine Atkins


Coffee Genogram: An Analysis of the Tradition of the Rural Family in Southwest Columbia
Germán Antonio Arboleda-Muñoz Mr., Lily Marcela Palacios Ms., Hugo Portela-Guarín Mr., and Héctor Samuel Villada-Castillo Mr.


Workplace Bullying in Healthcare: A Qualitative Analysis of Bystander Experiences
Neill James Thompson Mr, Madeline Carter, Paul Crampton, Bryan Burford, Jan Illing, and Gill Morrow


The Problem-Based Learning Approach towards Developing Soft Skills: A Systematic Review
Sadia Deep, Ali Ahmed, Nazia Suleman, Muhammad Zahid Abbas, Uzma Naza, Hina Shaheen, and Abdul Razzaq


Dyspraxia in Medical Education: A Collaborative Autoethnography
Eleanor R. Walker, Sebastian C. K. Shaw, and John L. Anderson


Teacher and Problem in Student with ADHD in Indonesia : A Case Study
Iriani Indri Hapsari, Aulia Iskandarsyah, Poeti Joefiani, and Juke R Siregar

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