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The Qualitative Report (ISSN 1052-0147) is a peer-reviewed, on-line monthly journal devoted to writing and discussion of and about qualitative, critical, action, and collaborative inquiry and research. The Qualitative Report, the oldest multidisciplinary qualitative research journal in the world, serves as a forum and sounding board for researchers, scholars, practitioners, and other reflective-minded individuals who are passionate about ideas, methods, and analyses permeating qualitative, action, collaborative, and critical study. These pages are open to a variety of forms: original, scholarly activity such as qualitative research studies, critical commentaries, editorials, or debates concerning pertinent issues and topics; news of networking and research possibilities; and other sorts of journalistic and literary shapes which may interest and pique readers.

Current Issue: Volume 24, Number 11 - November, 2019



Consequences of Sexism in Counselor Education: A Collective Analytic Autoethnography
Michael P. Chaney, Alcia A. Freeman, Jennifer Boswell, Stephanie Crockett, and Erin Binkley


Promoting Creativity in the Cooperative Work Environment: A Case Study of the Lacol Cooperative
Teresa Morlà-Folch, Mar Joanpere-Foraster, and Eleni Papaoikonomou


Workplace Ostracism and Employee Reactions among University Teachers in Pakistan
Tehreem Fatima, Ahmad Raza Bilal, and Muhammad Kashif Imran


Should an Effective Language Learning Be through the Development of Just One Language Skill?
Victor Daniel Gil Vera VDGV, Bairon Jaramillo Valencia, Nancy Biviana Cardona, María Alejandra Cifuentes, Shirley Alejandra Jimenez, and Laura Marcela Martínez

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