Most Recent Additions*


The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: An Assessment of Offender Characteristics
Kristin E. Klimley, P. L. Baker, Alexis Carpinteri, Brandy Bang, Vincent B. Van Hasselt, and R. Black


Law Enforcement and Social Media
B. I. Broj, K. S. Mines, and Vincent B. Van Hasselt


Assessment of Stress and Resiliency in Emergency Dispatchers
Bryan L. Steinkopf, Ryan A. Reddin, Vincent B. Van Hasselt, R. Black, and Judy Couwels


Correctional Officer Resilience and Behavioral Health
E. Masias, Vera A. Klinoff, and Vincent B. Van Hasselt


Behavioral Health Training for Firefighters
Bryan L. Steinkopf, V. Lopez, Vincent B. Van Hasselt, Judy Couwels, and T. J. LeDuc


The Firefighter Assessment of Stress Test
Kristin E. Klimley, S. Henderson, E. Masias, R. Black, and Vincent B. Van Hasselt


Firefighter Intervention and Response Support Team (FIRST): Peer Support Training
S. Henderson, Kristin E. Klimley, E. Masias, Judy Couwels, T. J. LeDuc, and Vincent B. Van Hasselt


Understanding Dissociation
Steven N. Gold


Advanced Group Counseling For Addictions
Melanie M. Iarussi and T. Hyatt

*Updated as of 07/19/18.