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How to Be Unfaithful to Eurocentrism: A Spanglish Decolonial Critique to Knowledge Gentrification, Captivity and Storycide in Qualitative Research
marcela polanco, Nathan D. Hanson, Camila Hernandez, Tirzah Le Feber, Sonia Medina, Stephanie Old Bucher, Eva I. Rivera, Ione Rodriguez, Elizabeth Vela, Brandi Velasco, and Jackolyn Le Feber


Educational Impact on Therapists’ Knowledge, Beliefs, and Actions: A Pilot Study
Elena Wong Espiritu, Natalie N. Michaels, and Steven Busby


Distribution and Composition of Fish Aggregating Devices as Marine Debris
Erin Kimak, David Kerstetter, and Thomas D. Pitchford


Parasites of Raptorial Birds of South Florida
Vanessa R. Blanchard, David W. Kerstetter, and Christopher A. Blanar


Reproductive Ecology of Top Mesopelagic Predators in the Gulf of Mexico
Alex Marks, David Wyanski, David W. Kerstetter, and Tracey Sutton

*Updated as of 01/20/20.