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Parents’ Awareness on Online Predators: Cyber Grooming Deterrence
Magiswary Dorasamy, Maniam Kaliannan, Manimekalai Jambulingam, Iqbal Ramadhan, and Ashok Sivaji


Two Models of Coteaching from University Teaching Staff: Phenomenographic Research
Jesus Pinzón-Ulloa, Mariana Tafur Arciniegas Dr, and Irma A. Flores H.


Understanding Childhood Grief among Military-Bereaved Youth
Julie B. Kaplow and Christopher M. Layne


The Grief-Informed Foundations of Treatment Network
Julie B. Kaplow and Christopher M. Layne


Stories of Adaptive Grief: The Power of the Shared Grief Project
T Arky, D Gaffney, Julie B. Kaplow, and Christopher M. Layne


Reading the Research: A Practical Guide for Clinicians in the Field of Childhood Bereavement
B Griese, D Gaffney, A McNeil, Julie B. Kaplow, and Christopher M. Layne


Using the Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma to Create “Gold Standard” Training
Christopher M. Layne, Virginia C. Strand, Robert Abramovitz, Margaret L. Stuber, Chandra Ghosh-Ippen, Leslie Ross, Kathryn Collins, J Henry, and Lisa M. Amaya-Jackson


Risk, Resistance, and Resilience Following Disaster
Christopher M. Layne, Alan M. Steinberg, J Warren, B Cohn, N Neibauer, and B Carter


Family and Environmental Factors Hypothesized to Mediate or Moderate the Long-Term Impact of War
Christopher M. Layne, R F. Houston, R Al-Sabah, J T. Killpack, and R Miller


Approaches to Treating Traumatically Bereaved Youth
Christopher M. Layne and William S. Saltzman


Risk and Resilience among Trauma-Exposed Children
Christopher M. Layne, J Odom, A Shrader, B Isakson, R Katalinski, H Pasalic, A Pasalic, William R. Saltzman, and Alan M. Steinberg


Mental Health Effects of Community Violence Exposure: Psychological Perspectives
Christopher M. Layne, J Britton, T Kimball, J Mortensen, William R. Saltzman, Alan M. Steinberg, and Robert S. Pynoos


Trauma/Grief-Focused Group Intervention for Adolescents
William R. Saltzman, Christopher M. Layne, and Robert S. Pynoos

*Updated as of 11/30/21.