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Exploration of the Experiences and Viewpoints of Faculty Members on Continuing Education Webinars: A Qualitative Study
fatemeh jafarzadeh-kenarsari, Kobra Abouzari-Gazafroodi, and Fatemeh Zaersabet


The Vertebrate TLR Supergene Family Evolved Dynamically by Gene Gain/Loss and Positive Selection Revealing a Host–Pathogen Arms Race in Birds
Imran Khan, Emanuel Maldonado, Liliana Silva, Daniela Almeida, Warren E. Johnson, Stephen James O'Brien, Guojie Zhang, Erich D. Jarvis, M. Thomas Gilbert, and Agostinho Antunes


The Public and Private Benefit of an Impure Public Good Determines the Sensitivity of Bacteria to Population Collapse in a Snowdrift Game
Robert Smith, Aimee Doiron, Rodrigo Muzquiz, Marla Fortoul, Meghan Haas, Tom Abraham, Rebecca Quinn, Ivana Barraza, Khadija Chowdhury, and Louis R. Nemzer


Portfolium: Our Shark’s Next Generation Resume
Mignon Bissonnette and Stefany Nacarato

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