Library Learn
The videos in this collection are audiovisual approaches to the library resources and services created by our librarians with the idea of bringing our users closer to our world and strengthening their research skills. They have been arranged by their subject and include recordings of workshops and events.


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Library Learn - Complete Video Collection


  • Databases
    Instructional videos that demonstrate how to search for types of information regardless of subject based on the e-library’s categories for material types such as dissertations, newspapers, etc.
  • Espanol
    Instructional videos produced in Spanish that demonstrate the library’s recursos en Español.
  • How to Find…
    Instructional videos that demonstrate how to find a desired type of information or resource such as full text, peer reviewed, STEM, etc.
  • K-12 Resources
    Instructional videos that demonstrate how to use the “homework help” databases and teacher/educator resources.
  • Understanding Research
    Instructional videos that explain research concepts such as how to evaluate sources, how to avoid plagiarism, etc.


  • Children & Teens Services
    Videos that highlight youth programs, events, and services such as Summer Reading, Sharkey’s Crew, etc.
  • Faculty & Staff Research
    Administrative instructional videos for hardware or software specifically used by faculty and staff that does not need to be password protected such as NSUWorks, Selected Works, and Digital Measures.
  • Services by Library
    Videos demonstrating unique services and procedures that are specific to one library such as study room reservations, making library appointments, etc.
  • Workshops & Events
    Longer recordings from workshops or events such as Gear Up, Power Publishing, etc.