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Interviewee Name

Lauren Miceli

Date of Interview

Spring 3-15-2023


NSU Tampa Bay Regional Campus

Brief Bio / Description of Interviewee

I am from New Jersey in a really really small town. River Edge, New Jersey. I was there since I was born and up until I graduated college and my family had to move to Florida. So yeah I’m a Jersey girl. I have two younger brothers, they’re twins: Matt and Marc. We are super close and I think us being in a huge Italian family helps. I’ve been very blessed to have a good relationship with all of them. When I went to college I got super close with my brothers. I like to say it’s because I became the cool older sister rather than the naggy older sister 😂. I am incredibly proud of my brothers. It’s cool to have Marc who is very serious but when you get comfortable with him, he’s a firecracker and says the funniest stuff. Matthew is just that loud, dancing guy, making impressions of everyone. I learned as they are growing up that they are the cool ones. I love them. I care so much about them. It’s cool to see where they came from and where they are now. They are still my silly younger brothers, but they are awesome. I miss them so much. I am super blessed and happy that I have such a good relationship with my family. When you hear that someone says their father got diagnosed with cancer and you think it can happen to anyone. It makes you want to have a solid relationship, you want to make sure you say I love you, remember the weddings, remember the Christmases. I’ve been so blessed to have a family where everyone wants to love each other.

Camera Equipment

Nikon Z6

Audio Equipment

iPhone 11 Pro Max


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