Faculty Articles

Faculty Articles

A selection of articles from the faculty in the College of Dental Medicine at Nova Southeastern University.


Submissions from 2023

The performance of artificial intelligence language models in board-style dental knowledge assessment: A preliminary study on ChatGPT, Arman Danesh, Hirad Pazouki, Kasra Danesh, Farzad Danesh, and Arsalan Danesh


Erratum to “Application and Perception of Potassium Iodide Following Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment”, Materials Sciences and Applications, Vol. 13 (2022), 506-518, Michael Deek, Christian Ramlal, Nelson Triana, Jeffrey Thompson, and Ria Achong-Bowe

Effect of dental implant therapy on the preservation of orofacial tissues: A systematic review and meta-analysis., André B. De Souza, Panos Papaspyridakos, Hans-Peter Weber, Konstantinos Vazouras, and Flavia Matarazzo

Preliminary analysis of the buccal mucosal fungal microbiome in oral lichen planus patients., Guanhuan Du, Xinke Jiang, Xiaozhe Han, Lei Pan, and Guoyao Tang

Applications of Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scans in Dental Medicine and Potential Medicolegal Issues, Zachary A. Heller, Maritzabel Hogge, Michael R. Ragan, and Jason E. Portnof


IL-34 exacerbates pathogenic features of Alzheimer's disease and calvaria osteolysis in triple transgenic (3x-Tg) female mice., Anny Ho, Bidii Ngala, Chiaki Yamada, Christopher Garcia, Carolina Duarte, Juliet Akkaoui, Dumitru Ciolac, Amilia Nusbaum, William Kochen, Daniela Efremova, Stanislav Groppa, Lubov Nathanson, Stephanie Bissel, Adrian Oblak, Melissa A. Kacena, and Alexandru Movila

Clinical and radiographic peri-implant tissue changes for implants restored with convex or concave abutment shapes: A 3-year randomized controlled trial., Theofilos Koutouzis, Abdulaziz Ali, and Mohammed AlRubaie


COVID-19: Variants, Immunity, and Therapeutics for Non-Hospitalized Patients., Cameron Y.S. Lee and Jon B. Suzuki


Periodontal regeneration risk assessment in the treatment of intrabony defects., Robert A. Levine, Muhammad H A Saleh, Debora R. Dias, Jeffrey Ganeles, Maurício G. Araújo, Franck Renouard, Harold M. Pinsky, Preston D. Miller, and Hom-Lay Wang


Association between symptoms of severe periodontitis and post-bronchodilator lung function: results from the China pulmonary health study., Zhiqiang Liu, Xuan Zhou, Lirong Liang, Xiaozhe Han, Ting Yang, Kewu Huang, Yingxiang Lin, Zuomin Wang, and Chen Wang


Parental Acceptance of Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment for Carious Lesions, Mitchell Miller, Kelly Hart, Maria A. Levi-Minzi, Jennifer Chung, Judith Chin, Oscar Padilla, and Romer Ocanto

An interprofessional school-based initiative to increase access to oral health care in underserved Florida counties., Elías M. Morón and Richard Singer


Repair of an Extensive External Cervical Resorption Lesion Using Intentional Replantation with Crown Rotation., Motoki Okamoto, Yoko Asahi, Henry Fergus Duncan, Nanako Kuriki, Yusuke Takahashi, and Mikako Hayashi

Catastrophic implant failure after immediate loading of full arch implant prosthesis and its association with CPAP therapy: A case report., Julio J. Rodriguez, Alexis Gertler, John Bender, Neeraj Surathu, and Thomas J. Balshi


Group 4 ITI Consensus Report: Patient benefits following implant treatment in partially and fully edentulous patients., Martin Schimmel, Mauricio Araujo, Samir Abou-Ayash, Ramona Buser, Supriya Ebenezer, Manrique Fonseca, Lisa J. Heitz-Mayfield, Lucrezia Paterno Holtzman, Porawit Kamnoedboon, Robert Levine, Gerry McKenna, Sabrina Maniewicz, Flavia Matarazzo, Nikos Mattheos, Panos Papaspyridakos, André Barbisan De Souza, Murali Srinivasan, Charlotte Stilwell, and Hans Peter Weber


Preprocedural Viral Load Effects of Oral Antiseptics on SARS-CoV-2 in Patients with COVID-19: A Systematic Review., Miriam Ting, Alex Dahlkemper, Jeremy J. Schwartz, Manzel Woodfork, and Jon B. Suzuki

Submissions from 2018


Oral health promotion practices: a survey of Florida child care center directors., Vinodh Bhoopathi, Ajay Joshi, Romer Ocanto, and Robin J. Jacobs

Submissions from 2016

Training status of non-diplomate faculty associated with teaching pre-doctoral dental public health, Linda C. Niessen, L. M. Kaste, Z. E. Sadler, K. L. Hayes, S. Narendran, and J. A. Weintraub

Submissions from 2015

Prophylactic antibiotics, Peter L. Jacobsen and Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 2014

A mucoadhesive mouth wash, reduces the signs and symptoms of oral mucositis in patients with lichen planus: a double-blind randomized-control pilot study, Inez Velez, Neil I. Spielholz, Michael Alan Siegel, and Tulia Gonzalez

Submissions from 2013

The accuracy of the medical history taken in the dental office: responsibilities of the dentist and patient, M. I. Lieberman, R. I. Jacobson, and Michael Alan Siegel

Oral Cancer, M I. Lieberman, Michael Alan Siegel, and L. Tamara

Management of the anxious dental patient, M I. Lieberman, I. Velez, Lina Mejia, L. Solomon, and Michael Alan Siegel

Clinical identification of head and neck lymphadenopathy: a diagnostic obligation, M I. Lieberman, T. H. Ward, and Michael Alan Siegel


Women’s Oral Health: Why Sex/Gender Matter, Linda C. Niessen, Gretchen Gibson, and Taru H. Kinnunen

Human papilloma virus infection and autoimmune disease: is there a relationship?, I. Velez

Submissions from 2012

Head and Neck Lymphadenopathy: a diagnostic obligation, M. I. Lieberman, T. H. Ward, and Michael Alan Siegel

Screening for systemic diseases, B. I. Mealey, Michael Alan Siegel, and J. Kopman

Chlorhexidine Varnish, Sodium FluorideVarnish, and Silver Diamine Fluoride Solution can prevent the development of new root caries in elders living in senior homes in Hong Kong, Linda C. Niessen

Investing in success versus paying for failure: Maryland oral health case history, Linda C. Niessen

An atypical myoblastic tumor of the nasal cavity: a case An atypical myoblastic tumor of the nasal cavity: a case, L. Shapiro, I. Velez, and Michael Alan Siegel

Medical management guidelines for the provision of dental care, Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 2011

Dallas County Dental Society: A Tradition of Integrity and Care since 1908, Linda C. Niessen and M. Gutierrez

Gingival Enlargement, G. Pette, Michael Alan Siegel, and W. Parker

Cryopreserved amniotic membrane for modulation of periodontal soft tissue healing: a pilot study, I. Velez, Michael Alan Siegel, W. Parker, and M. Hernandez

Eating disorders: a personal story with implications for dentists, and healthcare professionals, M. Ypma, K. Etzel, and Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 2010

Envisioning success. The future of the oral health care delivery in the US, Raul I. Garcia, Ronald E. Inge, Linda C. Niessen, and Dominick P. DePaola

A holistic approach to a rare pathology, M. Lieberman, I. Velez, L. Mejia, and Michael Alan Siegel

Oral health and Social Justice: Opportunities for Leadership, Linda C. Niessen

Contraindications to epinephrine, Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 2009

Head, Neck and Oral Cancer Examination, Michael Alan Siegel

Me, a pseudospecialist?, Michael Alan Siegel

Oral cancer: a prosthodontic diagnosis, Michael Alan Siegel, M. A. Kahn, and M. J. Palazzolo

Head, Neck and Oral Cancer Examination, Michael Alan Siegel, V. Murrah, and D. Aloise

The relationship between idiopathic bone cavity and orthodontic tooth movement: analysis of 44 cases, I. Velez, Michael Alan Siegel, S. Mintz, and R. Rolle

Submissions from 2008

Is antibiotic therapy indicated for necrotic teeth?, K. Koch, G. M. Kurtzman, and Michael Alan Siegel

Standardizing the standard of care, Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 2007

Management of burning mouth syndrome: systematic review and management recommendations., L. L. Patton, Michael Alan Siegel, and A. De Laat

Perioral dermatitis, Michael Alan Siegel

Traumatic injury or BON [Letter]?, Michael Alan Siegel

Exposed bone in the palate, Michael Alan Siegel, C. A. Migliorati, I. Velez, and M. Forrest

Medications influencing immune response and wound healing, J. B. Suzuki, Michael Alan Siegel, and D. E. Peterson

Diagnosis of palatal lesions, I. Velez and Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 2006

Oral osteonecrosis and other long-term complications of bisphosphonate therapy, C. A. Migliorati, Michael Alan Siegel, L. Elting, and M. Schuster

From the laboratory to the operatory, Linda C. Niessen

Perioral dermatitis, Michael Alan Siegel

Diagnosis of ulcerative and blistering oral mucosal lesions, I. Velez, Michael Alan Siegel, and C. H. Nousari

Submissions from 2005

Quantification of patient fears regarding dental injections and patient perceptions of a local noninjectable anesthetic gel, S. Crawford, Linda C. Niessen, S. Wong, and E. Dowling

Older Adults-Implications for Private Dental Practitioners, Denise J. Fedele and Linda C. Niessen

Managing the care of patients with bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis: an American Academy of Oral Medicine position paper, C. A. Migliorati, J. Casiglia, J. Epstein, P. L. Jacobsen, Michael Alan Siegel, and S. B. Woo

An overview of oral frena and their association with multiple syndromatic and non-syndromatic conditions, S. M. Mintz; Michael Alan Siegel; and P. J,. Seider

Anesthetic options for nonsurgical periodontal therapy, Linda C. Niessen and M. George

Member clarifies specialty recognition CODA approval, Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 2004

Dentin hypersensitivity: diagnosis and treatment in seniors, Linda C. Niessen and G. Gibson

Antibiotic premedication, Michael Alan Siegel

Central mucoepidermoid carcinoma, I. Velez and Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 2003

Advances in the diagnosis and management of human viral hepatitis, C. W. Wisnom and Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 2002

NDA II-the Story of American’s Second National Dental Association by Clifton Dummett and Lois Doyle Dummett, Linda C. Niessen

Oral health and aging: An overview. Compendium of Continuing Dental Education in Dentistry, Linda C. Niessen and D. J. Fedele

Oral health for a lifetime: Assessing risk in older adults, Linda C. Niessen and D. J. Fedele

Diagnosis and management of recurrent herpes simplex infections, Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 2001


Differential diagnosis of orofacial pain I: associated with intracranial and extracranial structures and psychogenic disorders, Rodolfo Acosta-Ortiz

Training status and interest in certification of nondiplomate faculty dentists teaching pre-doctoral dental public health, Linda M. Kaste, Zara E. Sadler, Jane A. Weintraub, Linda C. Niessen, Sena Narendran, and Kathy L. Hayes

Oral medicine in the twenty-first century (editorial), Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 2000

Report of the ADEA President's Task Force on the Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health, P. J. Ferrillo Jr., K. B. Chance, R. I. Garcia, W. E. Kerschbaum, J. J. Koelbl, J. A. Molinari, Linda C. Niessen, S. Wilson, R. A. Hutchinson, L. H. Crawford, R. W. Valachovic, and N. K. Haden

Geriatric Dentistry in the Next Millennium: Opportunities for Leadership in Oral Health, Linda C. Niessen

Aging and Oral Health for the 21st Century, Linda C. Niessen and Gretchen Gibson

Osseointegration?: In Reply (letter), Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 1999

Viral and fungal infections of the oral cavity in immunocompetent patients, M. Glick and Michael Alan Siegel

Oral health assessment by nursing staff of Alzheimer’s patients in a long-term care facility, C. Y. Lin, D. B. Jones, K. Godwin, R. K. Godwin, J. A. Knebl, and Linda C. Niessen

Customers for Life: Marketing Oral Health Care to Older Adults, Linda C. Niessen

Salivary fluoride levels in women on slow release fluoride therapy, Linda C. Niessen, J. K. Kirkland, G. Gibson, W. H. Bowles, C. D. Reuben, and I H. Al-Hashimi

Texas public school nurses’ assessment of children’s oral health status, Jill Peterson, Linda C. Niessen, and G.M. Nana Lopez

Osseointegration?, Michael Alan Siegel

Strategies for management of commonly encountered oral mucosal disorders, Michael Alan Siegel

Inflammatory bowel diseases and the oral cavity, Michael Alan Siegel and J. J. Jacobson

Submissions from 1998

Oral pharyngeal laryngeal and lung cancer discharge trends in Department of Veterans Affairs Hospitals, Denise J. Fedele, Judith A. Jones, Linda C. Niessen, Ingrid Y. Guo, and Kathleen Harrison

Issues in esthetic dentistry for older adults, Ronald E. Goldstein and Linda C. Niessen

Academic dental public health diplomates: Their distribution and recommendations concerning the pre-doctoral dental public health faculty, Linda M. Kaste, Zara E. Sadler, Kathy L. Hayes, Sena Narendran, Linda C. Niessen, and Jane A. Weintraub

Aging successfully: Oral health for a lifetime, Linda C. Niessen

Oral and pharyngeal cancer trends in VA hospital discharges, Linda C. Niessen, D. J. Fedele, and J. A. Jones

Current status and needs of dental public health faculty within US dental schools, Linda C. Niessen, L. M. Kaste, Z. E. Sadler, K. L. Hayes, S. Narendran, and J. A. Weintraub

Dental public health for the 21st century: Implications for specialty education and practice, Jay D. Schulman, Linda C. Niessen, Gerard C. Cress, Becky DeSpain, and Rosemary Duffy

Dental public health postdoctoral education: a survey on the status of funding and career opportunities, Maria Rosa Watson and Linda C. Niessen

Submissions from 1997

Oral health for a lifetime: Preventive strategies for the older adult, Linda C. Niessen and Gretchen Gibson

Submissions from 1996

Pericoronitis as a Cause of Tonsilitis, Linda C. Niessen

Clinical Strategies for Prevention of Oral Diseases, Linda C. Niessen and B. DeSpain

Gastrodontology: a clinical perspective worth consideration, Michael Alan Siegel

Syphilis and Gonorrhea, Michael Alan Siegel

Submissions from 1995

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Becky Despain and Linda C. Niessen