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Viral Marketing and Social Networks

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Viral Marketing and Social Networks


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Viral marketing is the key to marketing success in the 21st century, and advertising is one of the most important tools in the viral marketing toolkit. This book offers an in-depth look at viral marketing, beginning with a short overview of the history and evolution of the viral marketing term. As well as, differences between connected terms, such as marketing buzz, are explored. The book provides a viral marketing toolkit and explores the use of each tool in social media. Viral advertising, as a significant tool and source of viral message, is discussed in detail and examples of various companies' viral campaigns are described. The discussion also focuses on how and where businesses can post messages with viral objectives and which consumer segment is the focus of the initial targeting initiative. How to contend with negative viral campaigns is another topic of interest debated in the text. This book is intended for a broad audience, including students, and professors in business and communication schools as well as marketing practitioners. The purpose of the book is to clarify the viral marketing term and discuss the key points related to the successful creation and management of a viral marketing campaign.



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Business Expert Press


New York, NY



Viral Marketing and Social Networks
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