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Salt Lake City, Utah

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Conference Presentation

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2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition


This work-in-progress paper overviews how an experiential education program was established at a private, non-profit university in the southeast, describes the process for certifying experiential courses using a formal course review process and qualification rubric, and details the case of a freshman engineering graphics course.

Grounded in the early works of Dewey, Lewin, and Piaget, experiential learning theory has become increasingly popular in higher education. Experiential learning serves as a foundation for lifelong learning and the development of the whole self as a citizen, family member and human being (Kolb, 2015). Austin and Rust (2015) define experiential learning as “‘hands-on’ learning and may involve any of the following activities: service learning, applied learning in the discipline, co-operative education, internships, study abroad, and experimental activities” (p. 143). These opportunities help students gain real-world experiences in their profession (Jacoby, 2015).


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