Faculty Presentations

Faculty Presentations

A selection of presentations given by faculty in the Fischler College of Education at Nova Southeastern University.


Submissions from 2019

Research in Distance Education: Trends in the Quarterly Review of Distance Education Journal from 2002-2017, Vanaja Nethi and Anymir Orellana

Submissions from 2018

Educators as Change Agents: Actions to support and sustain students with disabilities, Patricia Booth, Sandra M. Trotman, and Levenle Jean-Joseph

Energizing Teacher Leadership through a Growth Mindset, Jia Borror

Stem Projects with School Districts and Higher Education Institutions in the U.S. and Asia through Grant Partnerships, Jia Borror

Users not Watchers: Motivation and the Use of Discussion Boards in Online Learning, Jia Borror

Identifying Directions for Research, Berta Hayes Capo and Joana Fernandez

Organizing and Writing the Literature Review, Berta Hayes Capo and Gabriela A. Mendez

Collecting a Research Library, Berta Hayes Capo, Sandra M. Trotman, and Jamie Segno

AASA Conference, Mel Coleman

AASA Conference, Mel Coleman

AASA Conference, Mel Coleman

Consultant - Vocational Education / Tech Prep Middle School, Mel Coleman

Curriculum and Instruction, Mel Coleman

Curriculum and Values, Mel Coleman

Educational Foundation Conference, Mel Coleman

Education and Economic Development, Mel Coleman

Eschool Technology Conference & Exposition, Mel Coleman

Faculty, Coordination and Collaboration of Services to Families, Mel Coleman

Family School, Mel Coleman

Family School, Mel Coleman

Growing Your Own Conference, Mel Coleman

Learning for Life Conference, Mel Coleman

NovaNet Executive Forum, Mel Coleman

Pearson Training Conference, Mel Coleman

Public Education and Its Survival, Mel Coleman

Superintendent Support of Middle School Education, Mel Coleman

Teacher Preparation at the University, Mel Coleman

The Importance of Education Research, Mel Coleman

Urban and Rural Schools, What They Have in Common, Mel Coleman

Why I like Middle Schools, Mel Coleman

Why Middle School, Mel Coleman

Identity, Culture, and Perseverance, Charlene Desir

Seats at the Table: Tensions of Being Haitian American Consultants to International Development Work In Haiti, Charlene Desir and C. Kondo

Advanced Workshop on Grantwriting, Dana Fredebaugh

Let’s Be Kind to One Another: Teaching Social Skills through Stories and Activities, Dana Fredebaugh

Missing Milestones: When to Take Action with Infants and Toddlers, Dana Fredebaugh


Enrollment Management: How to Improve Student Retention and Student Success, Robert W. Hill


How to Foster a Civil & Socially Cohesive Classroom, Robert W. Hill


The Aging Professoriate & Faculty Buyout Packages: What Your Institution Can and Should Be Doing to Prepare, Robert W. Hill

Gamification: Integrating Technology into the Mathematics Curriculum, Janice Huggins and Sandra M. Trotman

Integrating Hands-on activities & Technology during Reading: The Effects of Student Engagement, Alix Jean-Joseph

Teaching Qualitative Research Online: Using Technology to Leverage Student Engagement, Elda Kanzki-Veloso, Anymir Orellana, and Jennifer L. Reeves

Developing and Implementing an Online Course Framework: From Theory to Practice, Jennifer Lyn Reeves, Gabriela Mendez, Judith Karp, Elda C. Kanzki-Veloso, Maureen McDermott, Jia Borror, Berta Hayes Capo, and Dana Fredebaugh

Becoming a reviewer for Dimensions, Wilma Robles de Melendez

Promoting children’s prosocial skills. A model, Wilma Robles de Melendez

With hope! Poverty and Immigrant Children: Current realities and practices supporting the needs of young Hispanic children and families. An Agenda for socially just actions, Wilma Robles de Melendez

Getting a Child’s Life Toolbox Ready for Success: Equitable and Appropriate Practices Supporting the Role of Technology for Young Children with Diverse Backgrounds, Wilma Robles de Melendez, Berta Hayes Capo, and Audrey Henry

Civility begins in the early years: Addressing violence through prosocial skills to promote children’s wellbeing, Wilma Robles de Melendez and Tatjana Martinez

Design: The Critical Element, Michael R. Simonson

Social Media in Online Learning, Michael R. Simonson

[Invited speaker], Angie Su

[Invited speaker], Angie Su

STEM Projects with Higher Education Institutions both in the U.S. and Asia and How to Motivate Next Generation Students, Angie Su, Steven R. Terrell Ph.D., Jia Borror, and Sandra M. Trotman

Building STEM Identities through Project-Based Learning in Online Classes in Higher Education, Sandra M. Trotman and Vanaja Nethi


Dateline Health Show 479: Sepsis - Causes, Treatment, and Prevention, Jill Wallace-Ross and Bindu Mayi

Submissions from 2017

Instructing Outside the Box Teaching Children with Special Needs, Patricia Booth and Sandra M. Trotman

Finding Your Inner Strengths, Jia Borror

Conducting Qualitative Research with Minority Children, Charlene Desir

Connecting the Spiritual and Ancestral Connection of Africa and those in the Diaspora, Charlene Desir

Education, Culture, and Liberation, Charlene Desir

Haitian Youth and Wholeness, Charlene Desir

Haiti at the Crossroads of Liberation, Charlene Desir

Sustaining a Positive Cultural and Academic Identity, Charlene Desir

Youth Violence and Resistance, Charlene Desir

The Basics of Grantwriting, Dana Fredebaugh

Making Everyone Feel Welcome: Strategies for Including All Children in All Activities, Dana Fredebaugh, K. Kourapis, and A. Henry


Vote of "No-Confidence" in Community Colleges: Badge of Honor or Kiss of Death, Robert W. Hill, William Austin, and Betty Young

Teaching Qualitative Research to Counselor Educators: Using Technology to Leverage Student Engagement, Elda C. Kanzki-Veloso, Jennifer Lyn Reeves, and Anymir Orellana

Stepping Into Another’s Shoes: How Drama Can Teach Empathy and More!, K. Kourapis, Dana Fredebaugh, and A. Henry

OMG! Leading and Learning to Create Faculty and Student Engagement Opportunities, Jennifer L. Reeves, Gabriela Mendez, and Judith Karp

TILC: An Innovative Learning Community Leading Educational Change, Jennifer L. Reeves, Gabriela Mendez, and Judith Karp

¡En familia! Empowering Hispanic families, Wilma Robles de Melendez

Integrating social justice in the early childhood curriculum, Wilma Robles de Melendez

Voices of immigrant children, Wilma Robles de Melendez


Elementary School Teacher Perceptions on Social-Emotional Learning and Implications for Instruction, David B. Ross and Giordana M. Cote


A Phenomenological Study of the International Student Experience at an American College, David B. Ross and Julie Exposito


The Dynamics of a Team!, David B. Ross and Maria G. Mendez


Chapter 3 Methodology and Tips for IRB Submission!, David B. Ross and Ashley Russom


The Institutional Review Board Tips for Success, David B. Ross and Ashley Russom

Distance Education in South Dakota [a series of six videos for teachers, trainers, administrators and parents], Michael R. Simonson

Foundations and Applications of Distance Education, 1997 [a series of eleven videos], Michael R. Simonson

Three State Approaches to Distance Education, Michael R. Simonson

Publishing: Meet the editors of Distance Learning journal, the Quarterly Review of Distance Education, Perspectives in Instructional Technology and Distance Education book series, Michael R. Simonson, Charles Andrew Schlosser, Anymir Orellana, and Deborah J. Seepersaud

[Invited speaker], Angie Su

Submissions from 2016

The Relationship between Spirituality and Psychological Well-Being in Haitian American Adolescents, L. Bacheller, P. D. Hall, and Charlene Desir

Effective Strategies for Integrating STEM and Literacy through Engineering Design Challenges, Jia Borror

Enhancing Communication Between Instructor and Online Students through an Understanding of the Influence of Personality Type Preference on Teaching and Learning, Jia Borror

Aviti Cheri: Cultural Orientation of Early Adolescents in Rural Haiti, Charlene Desir

Parent Engagement toward an Academic Legacy, Charlene Desir

Vodou and Christian Resources to Awaken Environmental Consciousness, Charlene Desir and S. Gallagher

Strengthening Haitian Youth Identity with Spiritually-Based Curriculum, Charlene Desir, S. Gallagher, and P. D. Hall

What Is “Appropriate Behavior” For Young Children?, Dana Fredebaugh and A. Henry

Nurturing the Potential of Preschoolers with Dual Languages and Dual Exceptionalities, Dana Fredebaugh, M. Kolesinski, and K. Thomas

Reflective Understanding of Change: Energizing Leadership through Personality Type Preference and Values Alignment, Michael Gaffley, Angie Su, and Jia Borror

Role of Religion and Spirituality in the Psychological Well-Being of Haitian Adults, P. D. Hall, L. Bacheller, L. Coleman, and Charlene Desir

Teaching Acceptance through Music and Literature, A. Henry and Dana Fredebaugh


How to Double or Triple Student Participation/Engagement in Threaded Class Discussions Without Being Coercive or Punitive, Robert W. Hill


Hot Topics in Higher Education, Robert W. Hill Ed.D. and Will Austin


The Risky Business of Faculty Votes of "No-Confidence" in these Turbulent Times, Robert W. Hill Ed.D. and William Austin

Teaching Qualitative Research Online: Using Technology to Leverage Student Engagement, Elda C. Kanzki-Veloso and Jennifer Lyn Reeves