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The purpose of this study was to develop, implement, and evaluate an individualized employee microcomputer utilization training program for the Center for Advancement of Education (CAE) at Nova University. CAE is currently experiencing a technology lag in its utilization and sharing of computer technology. The wide diversity of computer related tasks, the uneven skill levels, and lack of center-wide sequential training program has exacerbated CAE's subpar computer utilization. The first stage of the study was to discover the extent of computer literacy within the center. A questionnaire was distributed to all CAE employees. The results of the questionaries showed a high level of computer illiteracy in areas of utilization skills. After a review of the literature coupled with the literacy results, a set of research questions were established. The data analyzed in this study were used to investigate the following questions: 1. What are CAE employees' skill levels and training needs relative to accomplishing these functions on microcomputers? 2. How should a training program for CAE employees be designed and implemented? 3. How should such a program be evaluated? A program utilization/skills demonstration, using the computer package programs utilized in CAE was given for all CAE employees. After the demonstrations, a survey sheet was passed out asking the employees about areas of computer utilization in which they desired training, and the skill level desired. As was expected, there was a wide diversity of individual needs and skill levels. Employees with the same job titles, working within the same program, used different kinds of software and required varying levels of mastery of the same software. Program directors were shown the survey results for employees. The directors reviewed whether the types of training and the skill levels requested whether consistent with the needs of the program. Training sessions were then scheduled for each employee. The training sessions consisted of hands-on utilization of software consistent with the type used within the work area, use of the different self-contained utilities of the programs, the terminology of the computer programs, and demonstrations of the different levels of use within the programs. During the session, employees were also shown auxiliary programs that could be used with the program to increase the computer efficiency. Two weeks after the sessions, a survey was sent to each employee who attended a training sessions. A questionnaire was also sent to the program directors to obtain their response regarding the training that their employees received. The results of the evaluations showed that both surveyed groups, employees and program directors, felt that the training was effective, useful, and increased the skill and awareness level of the computer user. Comments from the employees, on the evaluation sheets, reinforced the decision to conduct the training project and also reinforced the method of training. After the evaluations were compiled, recommendations were made to CAE for the continuation of the training program. The recommendations also stressed the importance of involvement of the employees in future computer planning. It was recommended that CAE perform the following actions: 1. Request, fund, and implement a staff position within CAE to accomplish the following: a. provide full time, on site technical assistance for all staff members; b. custom program commercial computer packages for CAE's sections; c. assist in the installation of computer hardware and software; d. work with Nova University's computer personnel to develop computer procedures; e. maintain CAE's utilization training; f. establish a doctrine of training newly-hired staff members; and g. be an advisor to CAE's program directors on all aspects of computers. 2. Purchase newly introduced software to evaluate for. inclusion into CAE uses. 3. Install a Local Area Network (LAN). 4. Include UNIX as part of CAE used software utilities. 5. Establish a center-wide computer advisory board.

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