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Proofreading Skills, Typewriting Techniques, Editing, Motivational Devices, Typewriting Accuracy


Proofreading to produce a mailable copy in a typewriting class is a major problem. Often proofreading is not taught but assumed to occur naturally as an intrinsic value to students. (Sustaita, 1983) Literature reveals many techniques on how to proofread, but does not address the problem of how to motivate students enough to continually and meticulously proofread their work.This practicum proposes to address this problem by first testing to measure the students skill in a secondary typewriting class. Secondly, this practicum proposes to teach and to test the use of proofreaders symbols and the identification of errors as a basis to begin the practicum. The students will then go through a series of exercises that will introduce some new techniques that the students might find interesting, fun, and competitive. This procedure will be concluded with a post-test measuring any improvement in the students mailable copy rate.

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