A college of nursing at a large southern university created a completely online graduate degree and online certificate related to healthcare simulation. In the organizational and operations simulation course, a paper/pencil assignment course was replaced with the use of an innovative online specialty software, i.e., widget, which allowed students the opportunity to design to scale a simulation space. The collaborative team of nursing and university technology and learning faculty jointly designed and created the widget. The purpose of this study was to describe the assignment and widget development and then to discuss the study to determine the usability and student perception regarding the use of this simulation space widget. Then a descriptive, evaluation study was deployed. Current and former students of the course who used the widget were asked to complete demographics, a brief survey to gather input on the usability of the widget, as well as answer several open-ended questions. While the usability was slightly less than average, positive comments were provided about the widget. Refinements were made on the widget software each semester, thereby, improving the student experience overall. Further evaluation of the widget, student outcomes of its use, and VR capabilities are necessary. Discussions continue with the team about using widgets for other content.


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