Coronavirus (COVID-19) has redefined the manner in which those seeking advanced degrees will succeed in the academic arena. Due to the effectiveness of learning in the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom, a certain sense of complacency exists but suddenly, learners are forced to alter that established learning path and arrive at new methods of acquiring information. Alongside the COVID-19 attack, the modern era of academia calls for the need and desire to learn in online, distance education learning programs. Long distance teaching programs are designed to rely upon the abilities of technology to facilitate effective communication as well as the sharing of information, human interaction, and knowledge building for those post-baccalaureate learners. In order for this process to occur, educators must be adequately trained to ensure successes on the parts of their students but it has been reported by many that such training is not typical of course room preparation and design.

Limited information exists about “teaching teachers” to become online instructors, to construct their course rooms for student success, to become knowledgeable and skilled at using online technology, or how to overcome limitations that exist with many classroom devices. Online instructors find themselves questioning whether they have provided ample opportunity for learners to interact with one another, for learners to see their instructors as accessible and transparent, and ultimately to utilize the technology they have been presented. Many distance educators report that they are inexperienced in such a program, are untrained and ill-prepared for the online teaching experience, and ultimately worry about the imminent effects on their students.

In the end, despite the need and desire for long-distance education, the issue of “teaching online instructors to effectively teach” remains a paramount concern.



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