Volume 20 (2023) Winter 2023

About Digressions

When Digressions Literary & Art Journal was first introduced in 2004 by then senior editor, D.J. King, it was a way for Nova Southeastern University students to "take a break from 'Works Cited' and turn inwardly to work sighted." As Digressions continues throughout the years, it strives to be an open and safe space for all NSU students to showcase their creative works. Digressions is furthermore a place where students can share their experiences and ideas with fellow readers and be surrounded by remarkable collections of art, poetry, photography, and stories. At Digressions, we encourage everyone to Imagine, Create, and Inspire, in hopes of helping them unleash their inner creativity.

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Digressions, and this issue honors this milestone by focusing on self-reflection. We begin by looking back to our origins with an interview with the first student editor and first faculty advisor of Digressions, and our student submissions continue this process by engaging with themes of self-exploration, introspection, and self-knowledge.

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Editorial Board

Senior Editors
Nicolette Sobit
Yasmeen Hughes
Assistant Editors
Abel Salazar
Jordan Weisenee
Kylie James
Makayla Nicely
Marissa Jacabacci
Matthew McCall
Paula Corrales Marco
Sallete Silva
Cover Designer
Sofia Aurora Guerra Cardona
Social Media Team
Kylie James
Paula Corrales Marco
Yasmeen Hughes
Faculty Adivsor
Dr. Mario D'Agostino
Layout +Production Advisor
Dr. Eric Mason
Aysia Stephens
Christopher Kidwell
Diana Ramirez Carvallo
Janelle Giannetta
Jaylon Sharpe
Jenna Handal
Jewal Mousa
Liza Longobucco
Maya Leshaw
Michael McCall
Michelle Gorodisky
Nicholas Waguespack
Nimisha Kumar
Ohm Patel
Olivia Cantalupo
Priann Franco
Ritu Upadhyay
Ruieda Ali
Sadeaa Khan
Sri Konagella
Yachi Patel