Dear NSU student writers, poets, artists, and photographers,

Thank you for your interest in publishing your original work(s) in Digressions Literary and Art Journal. Please see our guidelines below to help aid you with your submission(s).

Your creativity and time is much appreciated. Let your talent, dreams, and secrets show.

The Guidelines:

  1. We invite you to share poetry, short fiction, creative essays, dramatic scenes, artwork, and photography with us.
  2. Contributors are encouraged to submit:

    • Maximum ten works of poetry
    • Maximum to three short stories or creative essays (maximum 1,500 words per story)
    • Maximum of three dramatic scenes (maximum 10 minutes OR three pages in length) Scenes may be complete works of their own or may allude to a continuation within a larger work.
    • Maximum ten pieces of visual artwork or photography. Visual artwork may be submitted as PDFs. We ask that images be 4"x6" or 5"x7", saved at 300 dpi resolution.
    • Submit all of your works using the "Make Submission" link in the left hand sidebar. If you have any other questions about Digressions or about your submissions, please email our Faculty Advisor, Janine Morris at .
    • Make submissions using your official NSU email address. Please be sure to remove encryptions and/or embedded features on works before submitting them.
    • Please check your email regularly after you’ve submitted. Editors may have questions about your work(s) and will need timely responses.
    • All works must be the product of your own imagination. Do not be guilty of creative plagiarism and/or copyright infringement.