CNSO Faculty Books/Books Chapters

CNSO Faculty Books/Books Chapters



Books from 2023


Advances in the Theory of Varieties of Semigroups, Edmond W. H. Lee

Books from 2022


Predicting Responses of Geo-ecological Carbonate Reef Systems to Climate Change: A Conceptual Model and Review, Nicola K. Browne, Michael Cuttler, Katie Moon, Kyle Morgan, Claire L. Ross, Carolina Castro-Sanguino, Emma Kennedy, Dan Harris, Peter Barnes, Andrew G. Bauman, Eddie Beetham, Joshua Bonesso, Yves-Marie Bozec, Christopher E. Cornwall, Shannon Dee, Thomas M. DeCarlo, Juan P. D'Olivo, Christopher Doropoulos, Richard D. Evans, Bradley Eyre, Peter Gatenby, Manuel Gonzalez, Sarah Hamylton, Jeff Hansen, Ryan Lowe, Jennie Mallela, Michael O'Leary, George Roff, Benjamin J. Saunders, and Adi Zweilfer

Chapter 14 - Applying enzymatic biomarkers of the in situ microbial community to assess the risk of coastal sediment, Elisamara Sabadini-Santos, Vanessa de Almeida Moreira, Angelo Cezar Borges de Carvalho, Juliana Ribeiro Nascimento, Jose V. Lopez, Luiz Francisco Fontana, Ana Elisa Fonseca Silveira, and Edison Dausacker Bidone

Books from 2021


Chapter 7N: Open Ocean, Peter Croot, Osman Keh Kamara, Joseph Montoya, Tracey Sutton, and Michael Vecchione

Chapter Six - Population fluctuations of the fungiid coral Cycloseris curvata, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, Joshua Feingold and Brandon A. Brule

RNA-seq Data Analysis for Differential Expression, Navdeep Gill and Braham Dhillon

Advances in Artificial Systems for Logistics Engineering, Zhengbing Hu, Qingying Zhang, Sergey Petoukhov, and Matthew He


Arm Postures in Living Crinoids, David L. Meyer, Margaret Veitch, Charles G. Messing, and Angela Stevenson

Biology 1500 Laboratory Manual, Jane Nyugen, Drew W. Mertzlufft, Sarah G. Koerner, Kevin Corneille, Aarti Raja, and Emily Schmitt

Chapter One - The mechanisms and cell signaling pathways of programmed cell death in the bacterial world, Robert Smith, Ivana Barraza, Rebecca J. Quinn, and Marla Fortoul


Chapter 6C: Fishes, Thomas J. Webb, Maria Jose Juan-Jordá, Hiroyuki Motomura, Franciso Navarrete-Mier, Henn Ojaveer, Hazel A. Oxenford, Chul Park, Clive Roberts, Mudjekeewis D. Santos, Tracey Sutton, and Michael Thorndyke

Problems in Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory, Fuzhen Zhang

Books from 2020

Hankel Tournaments and Special Oriented Graphs, Richard Brualdi and Lei Cao

Chapter 8: Biophysical model of coral population connectivity in the Arabian/Persian Gulf, Geórgenes Cavalcante, Filipe Vieira, Jonas Mortensen, Radhouane Ben-Hamadou, Pedro Range, Elizabeth A. Goergen, Edmo Campos, and Bernhard M. Riegl


Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Education, Santanu De

Chapter 15: A tropical eastern Pacific invasive brittle star species (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) reaches southeastern Florida, Peter W. Glynn, Renata Alitto, Joshua Dominguez, Ana B. Christensen, Phillip Gillette, Nicolas Martinez, Bernhard M. Riegl, and Kyle Dettloff

Chapter 4: Spatial and temporal differences in Acropora cervicornis colony size and health, Elizabeth A. Goergen, Kathleen Semon Lunz, and David S. Gilliam

Advances in Computer Science for Engineering and Education II, Zhengbing Hu, Sergey Petoukhov, Ivan Dychka, and Matthew He

Advances in Artificial Systems for Medicine and Education II, Zhengbing Hu, Sergey Petoukhov, and Matthew He

Advances in Artificial Systems for Medicine and Education III, Zhengbing Hu, Sergey Petoukhov, and Matthew He

Advances in Intelligent Systems, Computer Science and Digital Economics, Zhengbing Hu, Sergey Petoukhov, and Matthew He

Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes, Stephen James O'Brien, Alexander S. Graphodatsky, and Polina L. Perelman

Chapter 2: Projected shifts in coral size structure in the Anthropocene, Chiara Pisapia, Peter J. Edmunds, Holly V. Moeller, Bernhard M. Riegl, Mike McWilliam, Christopher D. Wells, and Morgan S. Pratchett

Chapter 1: Population dynamics of the reef crisis: Consequences of the growing human population, Bernhard M. Riegl and Peter W. Glynn


The Scientific Explorations for Deep-Sea Fishes in Brazil: The Known Knowns, the Known Unknowns, and the Unknown Unknowns, Marcelo Roberto Souto de Melo, Rodridgo Antunes Caires, and Tracey Sutton

Chapter 14: Octocoral populations and connectivity in continental Ecuador and Galápagos, Eastern Pacific, Sascha C.C. Steiner, Priscilla Martínez, Fernando Rivera, Matthew Johnston, and Bernhard M. Riegl

As Gulf Oil Extraction Goes Deeper, Who Is at Risk? Community Structure, Distribution, and Connectivity of the Deep-Pelagic Fauna, Tracey Sutton, Tamara Frank Dr., Heather Judkins, and I. C. Romero

Books from 2019

Spatial and Temporal Variability of Seawater Chemistry in Coastal Ecosystems in the Context of Global Change, Tyler Cyronak, Andrea J. Fassbender, Yuichiro Takeshita, Raquel Vaquer-Sunyer, Iris Eline Hendriks, and David Koweek

Chapter 40: Perspectives of Biophysical Modelling with Implications on Biological Connectivity of Mediterranean Cold-Water Corals, Matt Johnston and Ann I. Larsson

After the Taxonomic Identification Phase: Addressing the Functions of Symbiotic Communities Within Marine Invertebrates, Jose Lopez

Chapter 8: Ancient DNA in the Study of Ancient Disease, Anne C. Stone and Andrew T. Ozga

Chapter 6: Genetic and Microscopic Analysis of Human Dental Calculus from Swift Water Place, Christina Warinner, Andrew T. Ozga, Anita Radini, Krithivasan Sankaranarayanan, and Cecil M. Lewis Jr.

Books from 2018

The Hawk-Dove Model, Omar T. Eldakar

High-Throughput Flow Cytometry Screening of Multidrug Efflux Systems, Mark Haynes, Matthew Garcia, Ryan Peters, Anna Waller, Pietro Tedesco, Oleg Ursu, Cristian G. Bologa, Radleigh Santos, Clemencia Pinilla, Terry H. Wu, Julie A. Lovchik, Tudor I. Oprea, Larry A. Sklar, and George P. Tegos

Feralisation - The Understudied Counterpoint to Domestication, R. Henriksen, Eben Gering, and Dominic Wright

Deep-Sea Ecology, Tracey Sutton and Rosanna Milligan

Books from 2017

Eastern Pacific Coral Reef Provinces, Coral Community Structure and Composition: An Overview, Juan J. Alvarado, Stuart Banks, Jorge Cortes, Joshua Feingold, Carlos Jimenez, James E. Maragos, Priscilla Martinez, Juan L. Mate, Diana A. Moanga, Sergio Navarrete, Hector Reyes-Bonilla, Bernhard Riegl, Fernando Rivera, Bernardo Vargas-Angel, Evie A. Wieters, and Fernando A. Zapata

General Chemistry 2 Laboratory: CHM 2046L, Patrick Ande, Donna Chamely-Wiik, and Beatrix Aukszi

General Chemistry 1 Laboratory: CHM 2045L, Patrick Ande, Donna Chamely-Wiik, Beatrix Aukszi, and Jerome E. Haky

Mapping and Quantifying Seascape Patterns, Bryan Costa, Brian K. Walker, and Jennifer Dijkstra

Matrix Representations of Genetic Codes and Human Emotions, Matthew He and Zhengbing Hu

Advances in Artificial Systems for Medicine and Education, Zhengbing Hu, Matthew He, and Sergey Petoukhov

Advances in Computer Science for Engineering and Education, Zhengbing Hu, Sergey Petoukhov, Ivan Dychka, and Matthew He

Books from 2016

Yellow-Band Diseases, Andrew Bruckner and Bernhard Riegl

Disentangling Habitat Concepts for Demersal Marine Fish Management, Sophie A. M. Elliott, Rosanna Milligan, Michael R. Heath, William R. Turrell, and David M. Bailey

Conclusion: DNA-Based Authentication of Shark Products and Implications for Conservation and Management, Robert H. Hanner, Amanda M. Naaum, and Mahmood Shivji


Open Ocean Deep Sea, Jeroen Ingels, Malcolm Clark, Michael Vecchione, Jose A. A. Perez, Lisa A. Levin, Imants G. Priede, Tracey Sutton, Ashley Rowden, C. R. Smith, Moriaki Yasuhara, Andrew K. Sweetman, Thomas Soltwedel, R. S. Santos, Bhavani Narayanaswamy, Henry A. Ruhl, Katsunori Fujikura, Linda Amaral-Zettler, Daniel Jones, Andrew Gates, P. V. R. Snelgrove, Patricio Bernal, and Saskia van Gaever

Microalgae for Energy, Reza Razeghifard

Cyanobacterial Associated Colored Band Diseases of the Atlantic/Caribbean, Laurie L. Richardson, Aaron W. Miller, Patricia Blackwelder, and Husain Al-Sayegh

Books from 2015

General Chemistry 1 Laboratory: CHM 2045L, Patrick Ande, Donna Chamely-Wiik, Beatrix Aukszi, and Jerome E. Haky

Tissue-Specific DNA Methylation Patterns in Forensic Samples Detected by Pyrosequencing®, Joana Antunes, Kuppareddi Balamurugan, George Duncan, and Bruce McCord

A Graphical Solution to the Monmort Matching Problem, Diego Castano

Group Selection, Omar T. Eldakar

Chapter 12: Engineering Cell-to-Cell Communication to Explore Fundamental Questions in Ecology and Evolution, Robert P. Smith, Lauren Boudreau, and Lingchong You

Books from 2014

Chapter 1: Impact of Bandgap on Infrared Optical Nonlinearity in Novel Quaternary Chalcogenides: Cu2CdSnS4, α/β-Cu2ZnSiS4 and Li2CdGeS4, Jennifer A. Aitken, Jacilynn A. Brant, Daniel J. Clark, Yong Soo Kim, and Joon I. Jang


Protein 14-3-3 (YWHA) isoforms and their roles in regulating mouse oocyte maturation, Santanu De

Coral Research in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Joshua Feingold and Peter W. Glynn

Evaluating Water-Depth Variation and Mapping Depositional Facies on the Great Bahama Bank - a "Flat-Topped" Isolated Carbonate Platform, Paul Mitch Harris, James Ellis, and Samuel J. Purkis

Localized Activity States for Neuronal Field Equations of Feature Selectivity in a Stimulus Space with Toroidal Topology, Evan Haskell and Vehbi Emrah Paksoy

Concise Encyclopaedia of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Matthew He

Chapter 12: Forensic Animal DNA Analysis, Marilyn Menotti-Raymond, Victor A. David, Stephen J. O'Brien, Sree Kanthaswamy, Petar Projic, Vedrana Skaro, Gordan Lauc, and Adrian Linacre


Primulaceae, Jon M. Ricketson, John J. Pipoly III, B. Stahl, and M. Moraes

The Near-Surface Layer of the Ocean: Structure, Dynamics and Applications, Alexander Soloviev and Roger Lukas

Books from 2013

Coral Reefs of the Chagos Archipelago, Indian Ocean, Mebs Ateweberhan, Allen C. Chen, Alasdair Harris, Rachel Jones, Shashank Keshavmurthy, Carl Lundin, David Obura, Samuel J. Purkis, Peter Raines, Bernhard Riegl, Michael H. Schleyer, Anne L. S. Sheppard, Jerker Tamelander, John R. Turner, Shakil Visram, and Sung-Yin Yang

Chapter 10: Chalcogenides and Non-oxides, Jacilynn A. Brant, Carl D. Brunetta, and Jennifer A. Aitken


Atlas of Saudi Arabian Red Sea Marine Habitats, Andrew Bruckner, Gwilym Rowlands, Bernhard Riegl, Samuel J. Purkis, A Williams, and Philip Renaud

Chapter 1: Physics Overview of Solar Energy, Diego Castano

Chapter 5: Artificial Photosynthesis Ruthenium Complexes, Dimitri Giarikos

Coral Reef Remote Sensing: A Guide for Mapping, Monitoring and Management, James A. Goodman, Samuel J. Purkis, and Stuart R. Phinn

Marine Life of the Falkland Islands, Karen L. Neely and Paul Brickle


Pluripotent Adult Stem Cells: A Potential Revolution in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering, Tsz Kin Ng, Daniel Pelaez, Veronica R. Fortino, Jordan Greenberg, and Herman S. Cheung

Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis, Reza Razeghifard (editor)

Chapter 13: Synthetic Microbial Consortia and their Applications, Robert P. Smith, Yu Tanouchi, and Lingchong You

Synthetic Microbial Consortia and Their Applications, Robert P. Smith, Y. Tanouchi, and L. You

Books from 2012

Analogs for Carbonate Deposition in Early Rift Setting, Paul Mitch Harris, James Ellis, and Samuel J. Purkis

Predator-Prey Interactions, Michael Heithaus and Jeremy Vaudo

Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab Workbook 2nd Edition, Mark A. Jaffe

Laboratory Exercises in Biology, Edward O. Keith, Charles Messing, Emily F. Schmitt Lavin, and Joshua Stephen Feingold

Chapter 19: Quantitative Analysis of the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of a Synthetic Predator–Prey Ecosystem, Stephen Payne, Robert P. Smith, and Lingchong You

Coral Reefs of the Gulf: Adaptation to Climatic Extremes in the World’s Hottest Sea, Bernhard Riegl and Samuel J. Purkis

Books from 2011

Schlerochronology, Kevin P. Helmle and Richard E. Dodge

Mathematics of Bioinformatics : Theory, Practice, and Applications, Matthew He and Sergey Petukhov

Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Hans Hess, Charles Messing, and William I. Ausich

General Chemistry 1 Laboratory, Krista Kasdorf, Donna Chamely Wiik, Beatrix Aukszi, and Jerome E. Haky


Modification of Turbulence at the Air-Sea Interface Due to the Presence of Surfactants and Implications for Gas Exchange. Part II: Numerical Simulations, Silvia Matt, Atsushi Fujimara, Alexander Soloviev, and Shin Hyung Rhee

Remote Sensing and Global Environment Change, Samuel J. Purkis and Victor V. Klemas


Primulaceae, Jon M. Ricketson, John J. Pipoly III, and Mary Merello

Coral Reefs in the Mariana Islands, Bernhard Riegl

Coral Reefs in the Western Atlantic/Caribbean, Bernhard Riegl

Coral Reefs in the Persian/Arabian Gulf, Bernhard Riegl and Samuel J. Purkis

Persian/Arabian Gulf Coral Reefs, Bernhard Riegl and Samuel J. Purkis


Modification of Turbulence at the Air-Sea Interface Due to the Presence of Surfactants and Implications for Gas Exchange. Part I: Laboratory Experiment, Alexander Soloviev, S. Matt, Mikhail Gilman, H. Huhnerfuss, Brian K. Haus, D. Jeong, I. Savelyev, and Mark A. Donelan

Matrix Theory: Basic Results and Techniques, Fuzhen Zhang

Books from 2010

Delineating and Quantifying Depositional Facies Patterns of Modern Carbonate Sand Deposits on Great Bahama Bank, Paul Mitch Harris, James Ellis, and Samuel J. Purkis

Unraveling the Ecological Importance of Elasmobranchs, Michael Heithaus, Alejandro Frid, Jeremy Vaudo, Boris Worm, and Aaron J. Wirsing

Symmetrical Analysis Techniques for Genetic Systems and Bioinformatics: Advanced Patterns and Applications, Matthew He and Sergey V. Petukhov

The Gulf: Facies Belts, Physical, Chemical, and Biological Parameters of Sedimentation on a Carbonate Ramp, Bernhard Riegl, Anthony Poiriez, Xavier Janson, and Kelly L. Bergman

DNA Forensic Applications in Shark Management and Conservation, Mahmood S. Shivji

Biodiversity Patterns and Processes on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Michael Vecchione, Odd Aksel Bergstad, I. Byrkjedal, Tone Falkenhaug, Andrey Gebruk, O. R. Godo, Astthor Gislason, Mikko Heino, Age Hoines, Gui Menezes, Uwe Piatkowski, Imants G. Priede, Henrik Skov, Henrik Soiland, Tracey Sutton, and Thomas de Lange Wenneck

Parameters Controlling Modern Carbonate Depositional Environments: Approach, Hildegard Westphal, Gregor P. Eberli, and Bernhard Riegl