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Nova Southeastern University

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NSU's Digital Curriculum Conference Going Deeply Digital: Promises and Challenges of the Digital Curriculum in Higher Education


Student open access publishing offers a useful avenue for academic information literacy in preparation for real-world experiences. Worthwhile drivers of connected learning, digital research and institutional repositories are practical ecosystems for conveying the complexities of the economics and ethics of information creation, access, and use. Drawing on essential concepts, NSUWorks exemplifies a dynamic tool for learners’ engagement with the research lifecycle and for fostering dispositions of critical thinking, reading, and composing for success and professional development.


The presentation was adjusted to focus more on the theoretical and practical reasons for scaling up academic information literacy by encouraging students to engage with the research lifecycle through publishing as a core competency. The NSUWorks institutional repository per se was covered by Jaime Goldman, Keri Baker and Gena Meroth in the afternoon session.